Southern Elvis Peedy Chavis from The Voice Season 21 Impresses Blake Shelton

Bikram Karki

Southern Elvis Peedy Chavis from The Voice Season 21 Impresses Blake Shelton

Elvis impersonator Peedy Chavis from The Voice Season 21 impresses only half the judges. The Voice 2021 premiered on NBC on 20th September.

The legendary Elvis Presley dubbed the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll popped up in The Voice Season 21! Well, not the actual king but his mimic Peedy Chavis.

This talented Georgia resident went onto the podium serenading Heartbreak Hotel. So, how did Peedy Chavis perform?

Elvis Impersonator Peedy Chavis Impresses the Male Judges on The Voice Season 21

Coaches Blake Shelton and John Legend were instantly wowed by Peedy Chavis‘ energetic performance on The Voice, which included an Elvis hair movement and a few dance routines.

Blake didn’t waste any time in spinning his chair around to see who was singing the Elvis song, and he was delighted to see a young Peedy on the platform. In wonder, John also swiveled his chair around to see Peedy’s performance.

Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson, on the other hand, chose to sit out the event and did not turn their seats to show their support for Peedy.

After watching Peedy’s incredible performance on The Voice 2021 premiere on NBC, Blake and John were baffled as to why the women in the panel did not turn their chairs.

In her response, Ariana said that she couldn’t tell if Peedy was the real deal because she couldn’t hear the genuine version of himself during his performance.

That, however, did not dampen Blake and John’s exuberance, and they soon began pushing Peedy on joining their squad.

Peedy Chavis Explains His Fascination with Elvis Presley on The Voice 2021

The Voice contestant Peedy Chavis went on to tell the coaches that when he was four years old, his mother took him to an Elvis Presley tribute show called the All Stars Tribute, and he’s been a fan ever since. He aspires to be as famous as Elvis Presley and earn a fortune.

To capitalize on Peedy’s aspirations, John noted that he is an EGOT winner and a producer, so he could make his dreams become reality if he joined Team Legend, while Blake boasted about how he hosted the event that turned Peedy become a lifelong Elvis lover.

Naturally, it was a no-brainer to Peedy when it comes to joining Blake’s crew. While Blake is thrilled to have Peedy on his side, many viewers agreed with Ariana and Kelly’s reactions that his performance were unflattering. Numerous people on Twitter expressed their displeasure with Peedy’s audition.

It’s fair to say Peedy Chavis has got NBC viewers split with his performance. Elsewhere, check out the intriguing details of Wendy Moten, Katie Rae, and Girl Named Tom.

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