Interesting Facts About A Girl Named Tom Band from The Voice Season 21 on NBC

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Interesting Facts About A Girl Named Tom Band from The Voice Season 21 on NBC

A Girl Named Tom band on The Voice Season 21 delivered a stunning performance to Helplessly Hoping, which brought them the sparse privilege of four-chair turn.

The Season 21 premiere of The Voice on NBC began with a performance by all four coaches, who displayed their remarkable singing abilities before engaging in light banter with one another.

Past seasons of The Voice have shown that the artist selected for the show’s inaugural performance inevitably ends up becoming a strong candidate to win the entire competition, thus everyone was excited to discover which lucky talent won that honor.

Despite the fact that group acts are generally disliked, the show’s producers chose a band called Girl Named Tom from a tiny town to open the new season. If you’re intrigued about the band, their performance, or who they chose as their coach, continue reading.

Who is A Girl Named Tom Band from The Voice Season 21?

Indiana trio Girl Named Tom, who performed on The Voice Season 21, consists of two brothers and a sister. Bekah Liechty and her two elder brothers, Caleb and Joshua, make up the band.

So, if you’re puzzled why their group is called Girl Named Tom when there isn’t even a Tom in it, there’s a wonderful backstory behind it. The band’s title was inspired by the fact that Bekah’s older siblings used to refer to her as Tom when she was a kid.

The band was created in the spring of 2019 and has since played 67 performances all across the country while traveling in a mini-van!

Goshen College was a success for Caleb and Joshua, who both graduated with honors. The brothers disclosed that when she was a kid, their little sister sang everywhere she went, as per the campus newsletter. Caleb also mentioned that the birth of their band was inspired by Holly, Caleb’s mother.

Girl Named Tom Steals the Show on The Voice Season 21

Just as Wendy Moten and Katie Rae, Girl Named Tom blew The Voice coaches away with their rendition of Helplessly Hoping, earning them the unusual distinction of a four-chair turn.

Kelly Clarkson was the first judge to turn her chair and press the much-desired buzzer, followed by John Lennon and Ariana Grande, and then Blake Shelton. The country singer stated that he had been waiting to press his button for a solo from one of the members before he eventually turned around.

Both Grande and Lennon wanted to see them sing a pop song, while Kelly sold herself by saying she was the first one to notice them and adored their calming voices right away.

It’s safe to say Girl Named Tom was confronted with a difficult decision. They finally made up their minds on Team Kelly after some deliberation! Fans, as expected, were ecstatic about the band’s choice of coach on Twitter.

The Voice Season 21 airs Mondays at 8 on NBC. Before you leave, have a look at the mixed reactions that Elvis impersonator Peedy Chavis received during the premiere!

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