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Eliana Batsakis From Next in Fashion Season 2: Find Her on Instagram!

Mar 7, 2023 @ 1:01 EST
Eliana Batsakis From Next in Fashion Season 2: Find Her on Instagram!

Eliana Batsakis, one of the cast members of Netflix's Next in Fashion Season 2, has comparatively been in the fashion field for a very short time. One of the youngest contestants of the show, she was eliminated in the fourth episode as judges believe she needed more training and experience in the field. Follow to know more about Eliana with her Instagram handle (@elianabatsakis). 

Next in Fashion on Netflix is a must-watch binge-fest fashion reality TV series for anybody interested in the fashion industry. Throughout the course of the show, twelve designers aim to create fresh, modern concepts while being pushed to the ultimate test of their creativity. These competitors are the best in the business. They all have prior experience working for large apparel companies or dressing A-list celebrities.

In place of the former host, model & fashion designer Alexa Chung, Next in Fashion Season 2 is hosted by fashion designer Tan France and model Gigi Hadid. One designer will win the challenge at the end of each show, while another will be eliminated. The participants are judged under the careful eyes of knowledgeable guest judges.

With her ability to become one of the top designers, Eliana Batsakis has been in the spotlight ever since the release of the second season of the show. Of course, she has gathered a lot of fans of her own. Similarly, many people want to know more about her. Well, we've got you covered.

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Eliana Batsakis From Next in Fashion Season 2: One of the Youngest Contestants of the Show, Judges Believed She Needed More Training and Experience in Fashion!

Eliana Batsakis (@elianabatsakis), one of the youngest contestants of Next in Fashion Season 2, didn't always see herself as a fashion designer. She somehow discovered fashion because of her talent for theatrics. The Cincinnati-based designer, a recent fashion school graduate, started her career in college, where she developed her own laid-back sense of style.

After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2021, Eliana started working as a teaching artist at Artworks Cincinnati. She continued to work for herself and take on tasks requiring illustrations. She continued to work in the fashion industry on her own, and she received sponsorship to participate in the February 2022 Atlantic City Fashion Week. She currently works as a freelance creative director, stylist, and designer. She then earned financing for the 2022 Atlantic City Fashion Week and was highlighted as a designer on CFDA Runway360. The reality TV star today works as a designer, and she creates intriguing pieces.

Eliana's designs are notable for their unique plotlines, digitally manipulated textures, vibrant color schemes, and compelling patterns that are inspired by actual occurrences. Eliana doesn't focus on a specific body type when she designs. She loves to see clothing as "bodies" that can transport the user to many locations in reality, using it as a spark to create new universes.

Talking about her journey on the show, Eliana was on a mission to prove to the judges her skill and that she has what it takes to be in the competition from the beginning of the program, despite having only just discovered her passion for fashion.

Eliana was overjoyed when Donatella Versace praised her design for the first task, "Royalty," because she had worked so hard on it. The deep-necked, blue futuristic dress screamed royal with a futuristic twist. While she was told to lengthen the front of the dress a little, the transparent white cape enhanced the design.

She was paired alongside Desyrée, Deontré, Qaysean, Courtney, and Nigel for the team challenge in episode 2. She made a fantastic contribution to the long silver leaf dress, which was one of the finest designs in the show, even if their team didn't win the "Wear the Earth" competition. Because Eliana had never worked with recycled clothing before, she struggled in the "Thrift" task, and the judges were unimpressed with her look. Tan France had a different perspective from Gigi Hadid on the skirt.

Overall, the look wasn't great, but it was sufficient to save her from being eliminated. In the fourth episode, "Childhood," Eliana's fortunes did not favor her. Her attire was regarded as being "crafty" and "too childish." The tulle cape of the dress was disliked by all of the judges, and the fabric also fell short of expectations. The judges discussed for some time before deciding that the designer should be eliminated because they believed she required additional training and experience in the field.

Talking about her personal life, Eliana and her middle school beau Ethan Murray got engaged in September 2022, and during the course of their more than 12 years together, their love story has undoubtedly strengthened.

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