James Ford From Next in Fashion Season 2: Age & Instagram of the Designer; Is He Transgender?

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James Ford From Next in Fashion Season 2: Age & Instagram of the Designer; Is He Transgender?

James Ford, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Next in Fashion Season 2, is a native of La Grange, Kentucky, who currently works in Los Angeles. And yes, he is transgender. His exact age has yet to be revealed, however, he is reportedly in his early 20s. The designer is a specialist in custom suits as he combines his passion for sports with formal attire. Follow to know more about James with his Instagram handle (@jamesdoinginsta). 

Next in Fashion on Netflix is a fashion-focused reality program that focuses on 12 top-tier fashion designers from across the world as they strive to be the game-changer in the fashion business and win a large cash prize of $200,000. The participants are skilled designers who have collaborated with various powerful figures in the fashion industry, not just inexperienced newcomers.

Hosted by Gigi Hadid and Tan France, Next in Fashion Season 2 has finally arrived on the streaming platform. Although every designer wants to win, only one is crowned the final winner. James Ford demonstrated his skills while striving to become the upcoming big thing in fashion in season 2. Well, let’s know everything about him in detail.

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James Ford From Next in Fashion Season 2: The Los Angeles-Based Designer Is Transgender!

Designer James Ford (@jamesdoinginsta) from Next in Fashion Season 2 is a native of La Grange, Kentucky, however, he works in Los Angeles, California. His age has not been revealed yet but a few sources claim that he is in his early 20s. He is the creative director and designer at Rowena Social Club. James is an expert in tailoring and creating bespoke outfits.

In 2021, he was appointed creative director of his own brand. The designer was a Design Associate for The Elder Statesman before starting his own business. James has been putting all of his attention into building his brand and hopes to become well-known in the future.

James is a specialist in custom suits who successfully combines his passion for sports with formal attire. Yet, he doesn’t create “your uncle’s obligatory office suits.” he is instead devoted to creating clothes that speak for something very, very different, especially when it comes to sizing for female, trans, and gender-nonconforming bodies. The designer, a former four-sport athlete, focuses his approach on the “silhouettes, color palettes, construction techniques, and practicalities” of sportswear.

For a challenge-themed “Childhood,” all contestants were asked to create grown-up outfits inspired by childhood photos. Nonetheless, several candidates, particularly James, found this task to be emotionally difficult. He had a difficult time with this task, but he managed to create a wonderful piece. James struggled as a child and was hesitant about coming out as transgender. James described his experience and said,

I have two big brothers. I don’t know if you guys know or not, but I’m actually transgender. So a lot of people don’t know I’m trans. Especially when you look at me.

When Tan France asked if it was a challenging task for him at the time, he added,

Yeah, because I have to look at this picture all day, it really sucks. It’s just like, I don’t have a lot of photos of me as a kid because they are so hard for me to look at. Like I threw a lot of fits when I had to wear dresses. Full meltdowns.

James additionally explained,

From a young age. When I was three. I lived my entire adolescence and my teenage years as a girl, but I knew deep down that something was different. I wanted to wear my brothers’ clothes, but I didn’t wanna embarrass my family. So I tried to like, wear the dress and put on makeup.

With his game face on for the whole of the competition, James Ford got off to a very solid start. He took on the problems head-on and came up with some of the best dresses. In the first episode, James showed off his fashion sense by designing a stunning runway look based on Harry Styles, a major cultural influence.

The pink sash served as a tie, while the trousers caught the judges’ attention. For his team assignment, where he was responsible for designing a fantastic utility belt with flowers representing the “gardener” in their theme, “Seed to Bloom,” he designed a highly modern yet earthy style.

James was going to use his expertise with used garments after introducing the audience to a fanciful garden. He didn’t really stand out in the “Thrift” episode because he wasn’t at the bottom or at the top. Yet, James did transport the judges to his early years with a magnificent attire that made him think of his time spent with his brothers; his design helped him establish a connection with the judges.

However, the judges didn’t like the clothing James and Godoy presented for the “Collaboration” challenge, and the duo paid the price for their “Phantom of the Opera”-inspired attire. James’ journey came to an end as both were jointly eliminated in Episode 5.

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