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Deontré Hancock From Next in Fashion Season 2: Find Him on Instagram and Know About His Brand, Hoodlvm!

Mar 5, 2023 @ 3:52 EST
Deontré Hancock From Next in Fashion Season 2: Find Him on Instagram and Know About His Brand, Hoodlvm!

Deontré Hancock, one of the cast members of Netflix's Next in Fashion Season 2, was one of the finalists of the show who earned a lot of praise for his unique streetwear designs. He is the CEO and Design Director of his own brand, Hoodlvm. Follow to know more about Deontré with his Instagram handle (@deontre____). 

After three years, a cancellation, a renewal, and a switch in hosts, Next in Fashion is finally back with Season 2 on Netflix. Tan France is joined by supermodel Gigi Hadid in this hunt for the next great name in fashion design. The designers range from up-and-coming individuals to world-renowned experts and compete against each to win a cash prize of $200,000.

The show's massive fan following is a result of its emphasis on a future look for clothing. It goes without saying that the program would not be the same without the incredible contestants who are always willing to express themselves through their work. And now that Next in Fashion's second season has premiered on the platform, fans can't help but want to learn more about the cast.

Deontré Hancock, who earned a spot in the season 2 finale of the show, has been getting a lot of attention because of his outstanding performance from beginning to end. Obviously, many people are curious to know more about him. Well, here's everything you need to know.

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Deontré Hancock From Next in Fashion Season 2: One of the Finalists of the Show, Deontre Is Renowned for His Streetwear Designs!

Deontré Hancock (@deontre____), the CEO and Design Director of Hoodlvm, is a native of Washington, DC. His brand, Hoodlvm, specializes in streetwear, which is undeniably quite trendy. The Next in Fashion cast is also renowned for traveling the nation extensively to spread the word about his work and live life to the fullest. Since 2013, he has established himself as a renowned menswear designer in the fashion world. Also, he started producing the yearly showcase in 2014.

Deontré has also planned a large number of fashion-related events in the Washington, DC, region that were independently sponsored. He organized his first fashion show called 'Se7en' on August 2, 2014. His grasp of fashion came from personal experience, and he later studied at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. The menswear designer also won praise from the press during Fashion Week events in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, DC

Interestingly, several offline and online magazines have highlighted Deontre's designs. He is renowned for his over-the-top male fashion, particularly his iconic puffer coats, which are currently in style. Deontré also creates all of his own clothing, which has a 90s-inspired trendy look. His loose apparel, which has avant-garde styles and varied patterns, predominates the male range aside from his puffer jackets.

Deontré immediately won over the judges and hosts of Next in Fashion with his work. Hip-hop was a major inspiration for the designer as he tackled the first task for the event, which revolved around the idea of royalty. As a result, traditional hip-hop clothing was presented in a majestic manner, impressing everyone right away—even the legendary Donatella Versace. Deontré continued to dominate the contest, and this marked the beginning of his reign as one of the best competitors.

The contestants were required to take used clothing and upcycle it in order to produce eye-catching outfits for the third task of the season. Deontré put up an outfit using denim that left the audience in awe. This meant that he and Nigel Xavier shared first place. Deontré's work consistently won over the judges, so even if he didn't take first place for future tasks, he was still a strong candidate.

Finally, just Deontré, Nigel, and Bao Tranchi remained in the race. He used his own puffer style to create looks that people could not help but want to wear since he understood how important it was for his final collection to serve as a reflection of himself. The designer, in the opinion of several judges, had fashioned his own universe, and they were all ready to participate in it. The judges thought a few specifics, nevertheless, should have been improved.

Even though they acknowledged that the contest was too tight and the other two finalists were among the finest in the business, the judges ultimately declared Nigel the winner. Deontré may be the most probable individual to transform the fashion business in the following 10–15 years, according to Judge Jennifer Hyman.

The designer has also expressed his excitement about appearing in the Netflix series and thanked everyone who has helped him along the way. He specifically said how much he loved his parents. In an Instagram post, he wrote,

This one is for my mom and dad! They believed and pushed me from the very beginning and still do to this day.

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