Diamond’s Boyfriend: Is the Crime Mob Star Dating Lil Scrappy Again?

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Diamond’s Boyfriend: Is the Crime Mob Star Dating Lil Scrappy Again?

Crime Mob’s Diamond has reportedly been speculated of patching up with her ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy, after Scrappy’s mom, Momma Dee, revealed that she might be pregnant.

Diamond (real name: Brittany Nicole Carpentero) is an American rapper who gained popularity after she joined the Crime Mob in 2014. She was only 15 years old at that time. However, she left the group in 2007.

She was noted for her strong voice and powerful presence on stage, where she frequently delivered catchy choruses and memorable lines. After Crime Mob disbanded, she continued a solo career. She recorded a number of solo songs, including Lotta Money and Superbad, to demonstrate her abilities as a solo artist.

Recently, she made an appearance in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 11. The episode hinted that she might have resumed her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy. As a result, many viewers have been wanting to know about her relationship status. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Crime Mob’s Diamond Has Reportedly Patched Up With His Ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy!

Crime Mob‘s Diamond (@diamondatl) has yet not made any official revelation on if she has a boyfriend. However, her latest appearance in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 11 hints that she might have patched up with her ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy (@reallilscrappy).

Crime Mob's Diamond is allegedly dating her ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy, again. blurred-reality.comCrime Mob’s Diamond is allegedly dating her ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy, again.
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Diamond and Lil Scrappy were in a relationship for a little more than a year a decade ago. The couple later broke up and both of them blamed each other for their split. While Lil Scrappy said that Diamond cheated on him, the former member of Crime Mob stated that she was abused while they were in a relationship. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Diamond explained,

He was mentally abusive, physically abusive. We fought, like you ain’t beatin’ my a**…Yeah, he got some issues. Some demons, he needs some help.

However, they remained friends. Both of them moved on to their next relationships. Following their split, Diamond dated Soulja Boy, Mr. Payro, and Daniel Gibson while Lil Scrappy got married to Adi “Bambi” Benson in 2017. Diamond even gave birth to a baby son while she was dating Mr. Payro. Meanwhile, Scrappy and Bambi have 4 children together.

We all thought Diamond was single until she came back in the recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. In case you are unaware, Scrappy and his wife, Mambi, are having some problems in their relationship. Meanwhile, Scrappy’s mom, Momma Dee, revealed to Khaotic and Amy that Diamond has been waiting on her pregnant, implying that she might be pregnant again. After Khaotic asks her if Diamond is pregnant, Momma Dee replies, “If it happens, it happens.”

No further details were revealed in the show leaving us to speculate if the former member of Crime Mob her reunited with her ex-boyfriend. We will get back to you as soon as we get any further updates.

Fans Immediately Slammed Momma Dee for Revealing Lil Scrappy’s Possible Relationship With Diamond!

Fans didn't take time to criticize Lil Scrappy's mom, Momma Dee. blurred-reality.comFans didn’t take time to criticize Lil Scrappy’s mom, Momma Dee.
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On the other hand, fans were quick to slam Lil Scrappy‘s mom, Momma Dee, for revealing her son’s personal detail. One tweeted,

@loveandhiphop @MTV Momma Dee is good for “accidentally” spilling tea about Scrappy personal business. Now I don’t condone what he’s doing bc he is still married. But Momma Dee c’mon now…Are you doing this on purpose so Bam can find out? #LHHATL

Similarly, another tweeted,

Momma Dee really pretends why her son stays away from her. She proves every season why he does, why Bambi don’t let her see the kids, that’s crazy #LHHATL
It is crazy to witness what really is happening with Lil Scrappy. It seems he is gonna have a hard time overcoming all the problems he will be facing in the future because of the dispute with his mom & wife, and the rumor about being in a relationship with Diamond. At this point, we just wish him all the good luck and hope he fixes all the problems very soon.