Is Brooke Monk Engaged to Her Boyfriend? Find Her BF, Sam Dezz, on Instagram!

Owen Weimann

Is Brooke Monk Engaged to Her Boyfriend? Find Her BF, Sam Dezz, on Instagram!

Brooke Monk and her boyfriend, Sam Dezz, have yet to get engaged despite being in a relationship since October 2020. You can find her BF on Instagram at (@sam.dezz).

Brooke Monk is a well-known TikTok content creator who posts lip-sync and dance videos on social media. Her TikTok account mostly focuses on short movies that reflect high school students everyday life. Meanwhile, she has amassed a phenomenal fan base of more than 29.5 million followers on the network. Her engaging content has resonated with viewers, particularly those who can connect to the ups and downs of high school.

Nobody could have guessed how popular Brooke Monk would get so quickly. Recognizing her talent and potential, she got a contract with the prestigious talent agency WME in March 2022. This collaboration cemented her place in the entertainment sector and provided new prospects for her career. As a result, viewers worldwide recently began to wonder about her love life, especially, if she is engaged to her boyfriend. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Brooke Monk has Yet To Get Engaged To Her Boyfriend, Sam Dezz!

As per sources, Brooke Monk (@brookemonk) is has yet to get engaged. But it doesn’t mean that she is not in a relationship. The well-known TikTok content creator (@brookemonk_) has been dating his boyfriend (BF), Sam Dezz, who is a social media influencer and TikTok star just like her. The couple has been dating since October 2020, and they have been open about their relationship status.

On the Good Boys podcast, Brooke Monk and Sam discussed their first meeting. In a YouTube clip that the podcast placed on their channel, Brooke said that she first came across Sam on Instagram. In the interview she stated said she was instantly attracted to Sam and took the effort to message him first. Brooke reported that she texted him “Hello sir” with a happy emoji. Sam was particularly impressed by the fact that she made the first move.

Brooke Monk and her boyfriend, Sam Dezz, have yet to get engaged. blurred-reality.comBrooke Monk and her boyfriend, Sam Dezz, have yet to get engaged.
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After their first exchange, the couple began an internet friendship. Both Brooke Monk and Sam mentioned in the interview that they began conversing practically every day, which led to face timing. They’d already told each other they liked each other but hadn’t made it official. Brooke eventually informed Sam that she would be coming out to Los Angeles, Sam’s hometown, and offered to meet him there. Brooke later shared a video on her YouTube channel describing their first meeting, in which she was joined by her father. They began dating soon after meeting and have been together ever since.

Brooke Monk and Sam have never shied away from publicizing their connection by appearing on each other’s social media postings. In fact, one of the reasons their relationship has so many admirers is that the couple has always made the basic aspects of their relationship available to their supporters.

Their desire to publicize their connection on social media has helped their increasing fan base. They have continuously shared updates and insights into the essential characteristics of their relationship with their followers. This candor has helped them gain a large number of admirers who are interested in their path as a couple. Furthermore, we hope the couple to soon be engaged and get married have children, and start a loving family. We also wish them the best for their coming days.

Find Brooke Monk’s Boyfriend, Sam Dezz, on Instagram!

Brooke Monk‘s boyfriend, Sam Dezz (@sam.dezz) is also involved in social media content development. Just like Brooke, Sam has amassed a sizable fan base across multiple media. He has the most followers and likes on TikTok, where he has over 4.9 million followers and over 218.1 million likes. His TikTok content includes making male versions of Brooke’s TikToks, POV films, and experimenting with viral filters.

Brooke Monk's boyfriend, Sam Dezz, is also involved in social media content development.

Brooke Monk’s boyfriend, Sam Dezz, is also involved in social media content development.
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Sam has a sizable female fan base thanks to his stunning cheekbones, blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. He has over 976K followers on his Instagram feed. Sam primarily posts modeling images of himself wearing various clothes and accessories provided by various brands. He isn’t afraid to show off his muscles and frequently posts shirtless and beach shots. He also routinely sends Brooke images, displaying their close friendship and affection.

Sam’s third most popular social media outlet is his YouTube channel, which he launched two years before his partner on April 11, 2017. Over 445K people have subscribed to the channel. Sam, like Brooke, began by making longer films but has since switched to only publishing YouTube clips. These shorts are mostly TikTok videos that he has published on YouTube.