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Brian Kahrs From Outlast: Find the Oldest Contestant of the Show on Instagram!

Mar 14, 2023 @ 3:26 EDT
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Brian Kahrs From Outlast: Find the Oldest Contestant of the Show on Instagram!

Brian Kahrs, one of the cast members of Netflix's Outlast, is a 59-year-old actor and fitness enthusiast who appears to be the oldest contestant in the competition. He decided to leave the show as his alliance group, Alpha Camp, stole his team's sleeping bags and didn't want to follow such "disgusting" strategies to survive in the competition. Follow to know more about Brian with his Instagram handle (@brianedwardkahrs).

Few television shows about survival are as good as Netflix's Outlast. The show's combination of drama and excitement immediately captivated fans upon its premiere. Of all, the reality program wouldn't exist without its contestants, who are always motivated to take any necessary measures to succeed.

In the show, 16 contestants are divided into four teams named Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta before being dropped by parachute into the Alaskan wilderness. Here, participants win by outlasting the opposition rather than voting each other out as they do in Survivor. The only requirement is that you must work as part of a team in order to survive. The winning team receives a monetary award of $1 million.

Nevertheless, there are a few people that left the performance midway owing to various causes. This includes Brian Kahrs, even if his reasons for leaving were very different from those of the majority. You must be curious to learn why he left the contest and where he is right now. Well, we've got you covered.

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Brian Kahrs From Outlast: He Left the Show as He Didn’t Want to Survive in the Competition Following Evil and “Disgusting” Strategies!

Brian Kahrs (@brianedwardkahrs), 59, was the oldest contestant in season one of Netflix's Outlast who now resides in Holiday, Florida. When he was younger, he had a keen interest in both athletics and the arts. Even the reality TV star started weightlifting to get fitter. Brian's efforts appear to have paid off, as he now works as an actor. In fact, he has appeared in films like "Noxious" and "Souleater," among others. Additionally, the Netflix star will also make an appearance in "Into the Spotlight."

Brian appears to like being outside and improving his survival skills whenever possible. He maintains his fitness very consistently, frequently going to the gym to keep his body in shape. Brian appears to appreciate his family beyond all else, and he never passes up an opportunity to spend time with them.

The reality TV star constantly loves the activities and the company with a charming smile on his face, whether it is a straightforward trip to the grocery store with his wife, a reunion with his brother, or his stepdaughter's wedding.

When it came to serving in Outlast, Brian Kahrs' age was scarcely a barrier. Immediately after joining the competition, Brian joined Javier Colón, Timothy "Tim" Spears, and Corey Johnson in Bravo Camp. On their first night, the group struggled to find a place to sleep and relax, and Javier tried to take control as much as he could, which bothered and amused his teammates.

Javier's teammates were irritated with him since Bravo Camp couldn't make a fire on their first night, although Brian appeared less offended than the others. Soon after, the former did start a fire, but Tim and Corey were irritated by his repeated activity. The two ultimately made the decision to leave because they did not think they could survive in the Alaskan wilderness much longer, especially with Javier "micromanaging."

Now that there were only two left, Brian and Javier did their best to hold on and make the most of their situation. As they got to know one another more, they discovered their ideal dynamic really fast. They also joined forces with Alpha Camp, which allowed them to obtain a crab pot even if Brian was unable to use their raft to go to the required island. Bravo Camp soon understood, however, that the partnership might not be what they had hoped for.

Brian and Javier were approached by Alpha Camp, who revealed their intentions to cross the river and take items from the other two camps. The two men were taken aback by this since they didn't like the concept. Yet, there was quite a disturbance when their allies entered Delta Camp and took all three sleeping bags. Brian was horrified by these behaviors and struggled to understand how someone could act in such a way considering the challenging circumstances they were facing.

After the incident, Brian Kahrs awoke early and fired his flare gun. This was due to his realization that using strategies he thought to be "disgusting" was the only way to succeed in the competition. As a result, he decided to leave the program. Brian did not tell Javier about his plan to leave because he believed that his teammate would be capable of convincing him to stay. He did write him a letter outlining his justifications and expressing regret for leaving without saying farewell.

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