Brandon Graves From Buying Beverly Hills: Instagram, Birthday & Net Worth of the Dancer-Turned-Realtor!

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Brandon Graves From Buying Beverly Hills: Instagram, Birthday & Net Worth of the Dancer-Turned-Realtor!

Brandon Graves, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills, was born in 1984 in the US. The 38-year-old celebrates his birthday on November 22 every year. He initially had an interest in dancing and was a principal dancer for several NBA and WNBA seasons. He later decided to join the real estate business. He joined The Agency in 2020. Additionally, Brandon Graves has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Follow to know more about him with his Instagram handle (@brandongraves_).

Several workers of The Agency, a real estate company situated in California are introduced to viewers of Netflix‘s Buying Beverly Hills. As they strive to be among the greatest in their area, the reality series shows how they deal with their personal and professional challenges. It takes viewers to the glitzy Los Angeles County real estate market in California.

Brandon Graves is one such tenacious realtor whose excitement and eagerness have been visible to witness throughout the show. Even though the broker is still very new to the industry, he hasn’t let that stop him from doing his best and building a solid reputation as a reliable agent in the region.

He works in the real estate industry, which is both challenging and lucrative. He has overcome many obstacles with the help of his tenacity and sterling effort. The realtor received advice on working with luxury houses from some of the biggest names in the business while he was a cast member of the Netflix series. Let’s know about Brandon Graves and his journey.

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Brandon Graves From Buying Beverly Hills: The Dancer-Turned-Realtor Has an Estimated Net Worth of $1.5 Million; Birthday & Instagram of the Netflix Cast!

Brandon Graves (age 38) was born into an African-American household in 1984 (birthday: November 22), in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. The Buying Beverly Hills cast (@brandongraves_) is the youngest child of Gregory Johnson, his father, and Bernadette Mitchell Johnson, his mother. Similarly, he also has an elder brother, Archie Graves, who currently resides in Queen Creek.

According to The Agency RE, as a child, Brandon used to bring home all the free real estate newspapers whenever he went grocery shopping with his mother. He continued his studies in classical music after graduating from Tempe High School and even learned some new dance steps because he has a special place in his heart for the arts. He told,

I distinctly remember going to the grocery store with my mother as a child and taking all of the free real estate magazines, I would analyze every home and circle the homes that I would dream of one day purchasing.

As he grew older, Brandon Graves also realized how much he enjoyed and was talented in the arts. He then pursued classical music and dance training before appearing as a principal dancer for several NBA and WNBA seasons. The native of Arizona has even worked for private health insurance companies for 15 years, during which time she held positions with a number of well-known businesses. He began in customer service but rapidly worked his way up, holding an upper management position in his early 20s.

In 2010, Brandon moved to Los Angeles, California, and ultimately made the decision to concentrate on the real estate sector. He improved the customer service abilities he had acquired while working in health insurance and was eager to learn more about his new field of work. In fact, Brandon began investigating several areas in the area in order to fully comprehend the worth of houses and the benefits or drawbacks each can present to various types of LA residents.

The 38-year-old concentrated on comprehending the market structure, architectural styles, and various regions in addition to analyzing the homes. In order to assist clients to envision how close their future property is to the many amenities offered by the City of Angels, the latter was essential for him.

On February 27, 2019, Brandon Graves received his California real estate agent license, and in July 2020, he joined The Agency. He is a member of the Grauman Rosenfeld Group and is constantly seeking out new information. Since May 2019, the realtor has also collaborated with Pinnacle Estate Properties Inc.

He has earned a respectful fortune from his career. The Cinemaholic estimates his net worth to be around $1.5 million. Graves’ passion for his work is mostly responsible for his success. He never thinks of his customers as just another number; rather, he treats them like friends and works with them to find the perfect house for their needs. He truly serves as a guide for his clientele, and this is what makes him successful.

Talking about his relationship status, Brandon Graves doesn’t appear to be dating anyone. Even when he was a cast member of the Netflix original, little was said about his dating life. Instead, he seems wholly committed to developing his career as a reputable broker in Los Angeles County. In fact, his consistent efforts led to him being named the Grauman Rosenfeld Group’s Agent Of The Month in September 2022, an achievement that unquestionably would have made Brandon very happy.

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