Billy Milligan’s Family: Challa Milligan, Kathy Jo Preston, Jim Morrison, Dorothy Sands, Chalmer Milligan

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Billy Milligan’s Family: Challa Milligan, Kathy Jo Preston, Jim Morrison, Dorothy Sands, Chalmer Milligan

Billy Milligan’s family includes stepsister Challa Milligan, sister Kathy Jo Preston, brother Jim Morrison, mother Dorothy Sands, and stepfather Chalmer Milligan. Complete facts about Billy Milligan’s parents, birth father Johnny Morrison, and his siblings.

Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan is a brand new Netflix docuseries that re-examines Billy Milligan‘s contentious case, in which he was charged with three sexual assaults at Ohio State University in the 1970s.

He was later cleared due to lunacy after being labeled with Dissociative Identity Disorder aka DID (then known as multiple personality disorder in the ’70s).

Billy was the first individual to be pardoned for a violent offense using such a plea, sparking heated debate among doctors and the general public at the time. Monsters Inside tries to deconstruct the mythos that surrounds his life and case.

Billy Milligan’s Family: Stepsister (Challa Milligan), Birth Father (Johnny Morrison), Mother (Dorothy Sands), Stepfather (Chalmer Milligan), Brother (Jim Morrison), Sister (Kathy Jo Preston)

In the Netflix documentary Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan, Billy’s sister, Kathy Preston, and brother Jim Morrison, talk about their tumultuous childhood with Billy.

Dorothy Sands stumbled across their birth father, Johnny Morrison, after traveling to Miami with her sister from her home state of Ohio.

Morrison was still wedded to another lady at the time, but they shared three kids together: Jim, Billy, and Kathy Jo, who were all born in the 1950s. Morrison was apparently suffering from alcoholism and melancholy and committed suicide a few years after Kathy Jo was born.

Sands returned to Ohio after Morrison’s death and wedded her ex-husband and high school lover Dick Jonas. However, the couple divorced again less than a year later. Dorothy then bumped into Army veteran Chalmer Milligan, who eventually became Billy’s stepfather.

Chalmer had two kids from his past affairs, and when he and Dorothy exchanged vows in 1963, he fostered her three children and she adopted his baby daughter, Challa. They split a decade later, in 1973, after Billy had already struggled with his academics and had been accused of rape.

Billy implicated Chalmer of sickening abuse when he was a child, claiming he beat him, hanging him by his toes and fingers, and burying him alive amid Billy’s trial for the Ohio State campus sexual assaults in the late 1970s.

Chalmer disputed the claims and was never charged. Billy’s psychiatrists felt that his childhood horrors caused him to acquire many personas.

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Kathy Jo, Jim, and their mom Dorothy all deposed at Billy’s trial about Chalmer’s suspected horrible behavior, with Kathy Jo describing their upbringing with Chalmer as a nightmare.

In the Netflix documentary series, Jim remembers Chalmer beating him and Billy on a constant basis and threatening to harm their mother and sisters if they disclosed the abuse. Chalmer, who passed in 1988, denounced them as liars, claiming he didn’t have time to do all those insane stuff.

Kathy Jo Preston now has 3 kids and several grandchildren and serves as a teacher in her hometown of Dublin, Ohio. Jim, her brother, resides in Georgia with his own family and works for a local company.

Dorothy Sands, their mom, passed away in August 2012 when she was 83. Milligan was confined in state-run clinical departments for a decade after being declared not guilty of the Ohio State rapes owing to insanity.

He was discharged in 1988 after an independent psychiatrist determined that he was no more a public menace, and he was later free of any strict surveillance in August 1991. In 2014, he succumbed to cancer at the age of 59.

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