Ashley Aufderheide’s Parents: Family & Nationality of ‘That ‘90s Show’ Cast!

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Ashley Aufderheide’s Parents: Family & Nationality of ‘That ‘90s Show’ Cast!

Ashley Aufderheide, one of the cast members of Netflix’s That ’90s Show, was born on November 21, 2005, in New York, United States, to her parents, Jillian Hamilton and William Aufderheide. The 27-year-old actress is the only child in the family. Follow to learn more about the American actress and find her on Instagram (@ashleyaufderheide).

That ’90s Show on Netflix, a spin-off of the 1998 series That ’70s Show, introduces a new group of teenagers to Point Place, Wisconsin. It follows Leia Forman, a teen who spends the summer of 1995 with her grandparents, Kitty and Red. Leia is your typical goody-two-shoes waiting for her life to turn into an adventure, which it does when she meets the coolest weird people she’s ever met. Gwen, Jay, Ozzie, Nate, and Nikki are the neighborhood kids she befriends soon after arriving at Point Place.

Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Gregg Mettler, and Lindsay Turner created the teen sitcom. If you grew up watching That ’70s Show, prepare for a rush of nostalgia because you’ll see older versions of most of the show’s characters, whether it’s Leia’s parents, Eric and Donna, or their neighbors, Michael and Jackie.

Ashley Aufderheide, best known for her role as  Mia in the ABC television series Emergence, is in the limelight for her role as Gwen in this series. Similarly, many people have been curious to know more about her, including her parents and nationality.

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Ashley Aufderheide’s Parents/Family: The 17-Year-Old American Actress Was Born in New York, United States, to Jillian Hamilton and William Aufderheide!

Ashley Aufderheide (@ashleyaufderheide) was born on November 21, 2005, in New York, United States, to her mother, Jillian Hamilton, and father, William Aufderheide. She grew up directly under her entertaining parents. Her parents only have her as a child. It means she has no siblings. According to the ‘That ’90s Show’ cast, her family is extremely supportive, and they encourage her whenever she is feeling down.

Her mother is a well-known Podcast Host of the Cheating When Love Lies Show and her father is a Licensed Realtor at Michelle and Company. Ashley’s father also navigates the TV and film industries for her and manages home castings such as filming, editing, hair, make-up, clothing, and meeting casting call criteria with short and tight submission deadlines.

The 17-year-old American actress has been in the business since she was three. She gained a wealth of knowledge and skill in the field of performing arts with over 14 years of experience. Likely, the young and versatile actress has also worked on a variety of projects, including TV shows and films, and has become a familiar face to audiences across the country; this is why her fans are overjoyed to see her in the Netflix series as Gwen Runck.

Like many of her young co-stars on That ’90s Show, Ashley Aufderheide had never seen That ’70s Show. She binged the show after receiving an audition callback and fell in love with it. Young Entertainment reports that Gwen, the character Ashley auditioned for, was supposed to be a petite powerhouse with pink hair. They remodeled Gwen to fit the actor because Ashley didn’t fit the profile, which the Emergence star appreciated.

Ashley Aufderheide made her film debut in 2014 as Faith Stuart in Infinitely Polar Bear. Ashley was used to the spotlight by that point, having appeared in commercials since she was three. However, prior to becoming famous for her role in That ’90s Show. Ashley first gained attention for her outstanding performance as Mia Evans in Emergence, in which she collaborated with actors Donald Faison and Allison Tolman (@allison_tolman).

How Did Ashley Aufderheide Get Her Start in the Acting World?

When people ask Ashley Aufderheide how she got started in acting, she says it all started when an agency representative working on a Calvin Klein campaign approached her mother on the street for the second time, but it was the first time because, at the age of three, she had the opportunity to work as a child model for GAP, Juicy Couture, and Ralph Lauren.

Ashley manages her acting and education beautifully, but it takes a lot of effort to balance acting and education, but she loves it and looks forward to growing as an actress and pushing the boundaries of her profession; that’s why in 2014 she took her first step in the acting professional world by playing Faith Stuart in Infinitely Polar Bear.

In the same year, Ashley Aufderheide landed as Maya Rawlins-Murray in just one episode of the Unforgettable series, but she didn’t give up and continued to give auditions, which led to Ashley working in The Slap, Preacher, High School Lover, and Going in Style from 2015 to 2017.

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