The Yennefer Actress, Anya Chalotra, Looks Different in Season 3 of The Witcher!

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The Yennefer Actress, Anya Chalotra, Looks Different in Season 3 of The Witcher!

Yennefer, played by actress Anya Chalotra, looks different in The Witcher Season 3 because of the change in her hair, makeup, and costume.

The Witcher is a fantasy series on Netflix set in a world where magical creatures wander free. Based on Andrej Sapkowski‘s book series of the same name, the show leans on the author’s rich mythology to convey a complicated narrative of overlapping fates.

The series brings viewers to the Continent, where Geralt of Rivia seeks treasure and saves people. Destiny binds him to Princess Cirilla of Cintra even before she is born, putting him in the middle of a battle that tears the Continent apart. With each conflict, people get more treacherous, and things become bloodier, leaving Geralt and Ciri with just each other and Yennefer to trust and rely on.

With the release of Season 3 Vol. 1, many viewers have noticed that Yennefer, played by actress Anya Chalotra, looks different in this season. As a result, they are curious to know the actual reason why she looks different. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Here’s Why the Yennefer Actress, Any Chalotra, Looks Different in Season 3 of The Witcher!

If you’ve watched even a single episode of the recently released The Witcher Season 3 Vol. 1, you might have noticed immediately that the Yennefer actress, Anya Chalotra (@anyachalotra), looks different than the previous seasons.

Yennefer's change in hair & costume are the reasons why she looks different in Season 3. blurred-reality.comYennefer’s change in hair & costume are the reasons why she looks different in Season 3.
Image Source: Netflix

Well, it is due to because of her drastic change in hair, makeup, and costume. Yennefer does not look the same as she used to look in the previous seasons. It seems both the costume designer and makeup & hair designer agreed to give Yennefer a little different, yet glamorous, look. On the other hand, there’s a chance Anya Chalotra’s weight loss also affected her look in Season 3 at some point.

Talking about Yennefer’s different looks, makeup & hair designer Deb Watson even addressed how he wanted Yennefer to look in Season 3. In an interview with Collider, Watson explained,

This season, from a makeup and hair point of view, I wanted to bring an element of softness but an element of power. I felt that in Season 3, we could move away from that really heavily made-up look because Anya [Chalotra] herself is so incredibly beautiful, and when I read Yennefer, I read a really strong internal beauty with her, and I wanted to bring that internal beauty out.

There’s always mention of her beautiful long, luxurious hair, and the way that Lucinda’s silhouettes were cut for the season I felt benefited the loose and flowing hair. When we move into the ball sequence, the elegance of the costume design inspired me to have an elegance of hair and makeup design. So, we moved through moods in the story that we’re telling.

Reddit Users Debate on Yennefer’s Different Looks in The Witcher Season 3!

Some Reddit users had a debate about Yennefer‘s appearance as soon as The Witcher Season 3 arrived. While some believe she looks absolutely beautiful, others believe she looked better in the previous seasons. Addressing Yennefer’s new look, one person wrote,

it’s been a pretty thing to see that not everyone is a fan of yennefer’s hair this season lol, but i wonder why that is? in the first few seasons it looked like it was anya’s real hair which looked great, but this season is seems like they don’t want to ever show her ears because that’s where you’d really be able to clock that it’s a wig?? does anyone else notice that? 

Reddit users have been debating on Anya Chalotra's look in Season 3. blurred-reality.comReddit users have been debating on Anya Chalotra’s look in Season 3.
Image Source: Netflix

On the other hand, one person replied in the same post saying Yennefer is a sorceress and she is supposed to look glamorous. (@hanna1214) wrote,

Yennefer is a sorceress. Too pretty is kind of their thing. Glamours, illusions and what not to always make themselves look attractive. It’s not supposed to look realistic in her case.

Similarly, another wrote,

I can understand Yen’s being pretty all the time because she uses glamour magic to look great all the time bit Ciri should look a bit more disheveled especially if they’re going to use the ‘ugly one’ nickname. Ciri is in awe of Yen’s beauty and ability to stay perfect. They have never found that happy medium for costume and hair design.