Who Did Yennefer Set Free? Why Did She Free Him?

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Who Did Yennefer Set Free? Why Did She Free Him? blurred-reality.com

At the end of The Witcher Season 2, Yennefer sets Cahir free, the Nilfgaardian commander who led the raids on Cintra and Sodden, in the hope of getting her magic back.

Yennefer of Vengerberg (played by Anya Chalotra) is one of the key protagonists in Netflix‘s The Witcher. As the first season unfolds, she develops into one of the most powerful magical users. She uses deadly fire magic to wipe out the Nilfgaardian Empire’s opposing armies at the Battle of Sodden Hill.

Season 3 of the show just arrived on the streaming giant. We see that Yennefer has been held captive, while still traveling with Geralt and Ciri. It’s revealed that she was kept in isolation for freeing somebody she was asked to kill in Season 2.

It has been over 18 months since Season 2 premiered. And a lot of viewers have been unable to remember who she freed. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Yennefer Set Frees Cahir at the End of the Witcher Season 2!

Yennefer had set Cahir free in Season 2 of The Witcher. In case you’re still confused, Cahir is the same Nilfgaardian commander who led the raids on Cintra and Sodden in season 1 of the show.

Yennefer had set free Cahir, the Nilfgaardian commander. blurred-reality.comYennefer had set free Cahir, the Nilfgaardian commander.
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Yennefer went missing after the Battle of Sodden and was thought to be dead. In reality, a now-powerless Yennefer had been imprisoned, first by Fringilla Vigo and then by the much more powerful sorceress, Francesca.

Eventually, Yennefer was able to free herself and return to Aretuza, where she was received with distrust, as people like Stregobor suspected she had become a Nilfgaardian spy in her absence. To test Yennefer’s loyalty, the Brotherhood assigned her the duty of executing Cahir, who had been imprisoned and tortured in the aftermath of Sodden. However, she sets Cahir free.

Why Did Yennefer Free Cahir?

Yennefer was forced to choose between being a pawn of the Brotherhood if she agreed to kill the heavily injured Cahir or losing all political power if she admitted to losing her magic.

This prompted Yennefer to take the most surprising step of all: she freed Cahir and left with him, expecting that by assisting the Nilgaardian soldier, she might regain her abilities.

Does Yennefer Get Her Power Back?

Yes, Yennefer gets her magic back at the end of Season 2. blurred-reality.comYes, Yennefer gets her magic back at the end of Season 2.
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Yennefer was still without her magical skills after helping Cahir in his escape. As a result, she turned to a more criminal source in the hopes of regaining her powers. She made a covert deal with Voleth Meir, a demon who feeds on sorrow and misery, to deliver Ciri to her in exchange for her abilities.

Yennefer realizes that Ciri is Geralt‘s Child Surprise after reuniting with Geralt at the Temple of Melitele. She is instantly uncertain about what she is meant to do, but as the fire mage Rience attacks, Yennefer instructs Ciri how to perform a portal spell and departs the temple with her.

Ciri is unaware that Yennefer has just betrayed her and Geralt. Ciri gets convinced to follow her to Cintra. However, as they travel, she learns to see Geralt and Ciri’s closeness and begins to see Ciri as the magnificent young lady that she is.

Despite Yennefer’s refusal to comply with Voleth, the latter escapes from her cage and possesses Ciri. Ciri is freed from Voleth’s corrupting influence after Yennefer sacrifices herself and draws the demon into her body. The demon ultimately leaves Yennefer’s body after Ciri moves herself, Geralt, and a possessed Yennefer to another sphere. Yennefer realizes that her link to Chaos has been re-established when they return to their world. Yennefer’s power is eventually restored as a result of her sacrifice for the little princess.

Season 3 of The Witcher is now streaming on Netflix.