Xanthi Perdikomatis From The Circle Season 5: Instagram & Birthday of the Massachusetts Model!

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Xanthi Perdikomatis From The Circle Season 5: Instagram & Birthday of the Massachusetts Model!

Xanthi Perdikomatis, one of the cast members of Netflix’s The Circle Season 5, is a model based in Massachusetts. The 25-year-old was born in 1996 and celebrates her birthday on January 31 every year. Even though she is currently single and happy, it appears that Xanthi was previously married before.

The Circle, a Netflix reality series, is impossible to ignore. With social media as a platform, it invites a number of participants to compete to get the highest popularity on a unique interactive platform. The participants are free to make up a character, change a few facts about their life, or just be themselves in order to accomplish their objectives. Everyone on the show is prepared to win it, regardless of the circumstances, but popularity may have its drawbacks.

The recently aired fifth season was no exception, and fans were treated to some outstanding cast members that were nothing short of entertaining, including Xanthi Perdikomatis. She can be summed up in one word: confident. This is especially true considering how at ease she appeared to be throughout her time on season 5 of “The Circle.”

Xanthi had, certainly, spent her whole life in front of the cameras, which undoubtedly contributes to the same, but her sheer positivity was so contagious that it actually motivated us as well. We’ve got you covered in case you’re curious to know more about her.

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Xanthi Perdikomatis From The Circle Season 5: The Massachusetts Model Celebrates Her Birthday on January 31 Every Year With Her Twin Brother!

Xanthi Perdikomatis (@xanthijoanna) and her brother Spiridon were born in 1996, as twins to Simela and Andreas Perdikomatis. They celebrate their birthday on January 31. Even though the siblings are legally from Massachusetts, according to her description in Netflix’s The Circle, their family lives up to the archetypes illustrated. “Everything’s ‘Opa, opa, opa. Páme, páme, páme. Let’s gooo!,” she said enthusiastically, making it clear that everyone else was also filled with an infectious spirit of boldness, loudness, and pride.

Unfortunately, the patriarch of Perdikomatis, Andreas, passed away on October 2, 2021, after a battle with cancer; he had been a successful restaurateur until retiring that year. “My first love. My best friend. My favorite laugh. My favorite cuddles. My favorite voice. My handsome man 💙,” Xanthi wrote for her father alongside various pleasant images and videos of them on that fatal day.

According to reports, Xanthi, 25, has been a model for nearly her whole life. She began when she was quite young and never let go because of the delight it gave. She graduated from high school and college in time in 2014 and 2018, respectively, thus she presumably never neglected her studies. In addition, she was a skilled competitive dancer who frequently placed highly at national competitions like Dancers Inc.

Her most recent posts frequently include items from Cider, a brand-new online retailer that calls “smart fashion” its business model. Xanthi declared her official partnership with the company in April. She is undoubtedly an influencer in the real world, regardless of how she seems on the show. Additionally, Xanthi has been in other numerous magazine photo sessions as well.

Additionally, it appears that Xanthi has even tried her hand at being a singer-songwriter, with professional studio sessions both domestically and internationally, as well as exclusive plans. In terms of her present position, the Massachusetts resident still works as a model, doing commercial photoshoots for several apparel and beauty businesses while also endorsing many others on her social media profiles. She truly excels in every facet of her line of work, and she doesn’t apologize for any aspect of who she is as a whole (and rightfully so!).

As of this writing, Xanthi appears to be content to be single owing to the unwavering support, love, and care she receives from friends, family, and fans. However, it’s important to note that it appears she was previously married; in addition to wearing rings in some of her old social media photos, her tagged images also include one with her then-“father in law.”. Sadly, we were unable to find any information on this alleged prior relationship, their marriage, or the resulting divorce, but the important thing is that Xanthi appears to be happy right now.

Talking about her time in the series,  Xanthi Perdikomatis chose to use a hybrid approach. That is, she is portraying herself in The Circle, but with one small change: she is acting as a preschool teacher rather than identifying her real profession as a model.

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