Why Did Nami Betray Luffy? Is She a Traitor? One Piece Update!

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Why Did Nami Betray Luffy? Is She a Traitor? One Piece Update! blurred-reality.com

Nami betrayed Luffy in One Piece in order to save her villagers as well as Luffy from Arlong. Even though she was labeled a traitor, it is later revealed that she did it for everyone’s sake.

Netflix‘s One Piece is based on the manga series of the same name and follows the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates. The first season establishes the foundation for a plot with limitless potential.

The plot opens with Luffy’s ambition of discovering Gol D. Roger‘s buried treasure, known as One Piece, and becoming King of the Pirates. While Luffy is energetic and full of vigor, the road to his aspirations is fraught with danger.

However, since the release of the series, viewers have been only wondering why did Nami betrayed Luffy. Is she really a traitor? Well, here is what we know.

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Nami Betrayed Luffy to Keep Her Villagers Safe: She Isn’t a Traitor!

The true story of Nami‘s past and her big betrayal of Luffy is revealed in One Piece when the Fish-man pirate Arlong attacks the gang and demands that Luffy work for him. Later, she reveals her true identity to the Straw Hat Pirates and hands over the Grand Line map to Arlong.

Nami had always been a member of the Arlong Pirates, as evidenced by her concealed fish tattoo, and it was Arlong with whom she had been communicating all this time.

However, the underlying reason for Nami’s behavior was considerably less damaging or wicked than it appeared at first because the woman had been condemned to a life of misery from a very young age.

Nami betrays Luffy to save her villagers from Arlong. blurred-reality.comNami betrayed Luffy to save her villagers from Arlong. 
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Many years ago, a Marine named Belle-Mere was on a mission when she discovered two orphaned little children as a result of a pirate attack. She rescued and adopted the two girls, christening them Nojiko and Nami. The mother reared the two daughters as her own in her native Coco village, which was soon besieged by Arlong and his fishermen.

The evil Arlong extorted money from every resident of Coco in order to fulfill his desire for vengeance against all people for their long history of oppressing Fish-man pirates. He shot Belle-Mere dead in front of her two young daughters when she offered to sacrifice herself to save her daughters.

Subsequently, Nami joined Arlong’s pirates on the condition that if she could ever pay him one hundred million berries (the money in the world of One Piece), he would have to cease the extortion at Coco village forever. In exchange, she volunteered to help the Fish-man pirates develop maps and explore the oceans.

Now Nami was collecting the hundred million berries while thieving and stealing from wherever she could in order to aid her villagers in being set free. She’d concealed everything from Nojiko and the other villagers, leading them to assume she was a traitor when she really wanted to keep them safe.

However, despite having obtained the hundred million berries, Nami is unable to free her villagers and realizes that doing straight business with Arlong is impossible.

What Can We Expect From Netflix’s One Piece Season 2?

Along with the satisfying and heroic conclusion, One Piece season 1 left numerous hints regarding a possible season 2, which Netflix has yet to confirm. To begin with, Arlong is not shown to have perished, and given that each of the previous villains, such as Buggy and Kuro, are shown to be alive, Arlong may return for his revenge.

One Piece Season 1 is streaming on Netflix. blurred-reality.comOne Piece Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.
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Moreover, Buggy and Alvida have now been shown to be working together to take down Luffy and his gang. As a result, the two villains will now collaborate, and whether they will join forces with other villains remains to be seen.

Unlike what Luffy thought, Red-Haired Shanks is seen to be alive when Mihawk approaches him with the news of the bounty on Luffy’s head. Despite their rivalry, Shanks and Mihawk appear to be amicable, suggesting that Mihawk may assist Luffy and his crew in the future.

In addition, a secret organization called Baroque Works was mentioned in One Piece season 1, episode 1 when a representative approached Roronoa Zoro about joining their group. Season 2 could reveal more about this gang and how they operate.

Finally, season 1 concludes with a teasing image of a man smoking cigarettes and burning down a Luffy poster. It remains to be discovered who this individual is, as he appears to be an important enemy that Luffy will have to confront in One Piece season 2 when it arrives in the future.