Black Cat Pirates From One Piece: Captain Kuro, Other Members & Ship; Netflix Update!

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Black Cat Pirates From One Piece: Captain Kuro, Other Members & Ship; Netflix Update!

The Black Cat Pirates from One Piece are a group of enemies, led by Captain Kuro (Klahadore), who sail on their ship named Bezan Black. The other members in the Netflix version are Buchi and Sham. 

The live-action version of One Piece is finally available on Netflix, and there are many colorful characters to get to know who all have a fascinating backstory in the manga by Eiichiro Oda and the anime adaptation on which it is based.

The series portrays the story of a young pirate and his group of misfits as they embark on a grand quest to unearth a hidden treasure. Monkey D. Luffy, the story’s main character, longs to track down the fabled One Piece and ascend to the position of King of the Pirates. On his way, he meets a bounty hunter named Roronoa Zoro and a thief named Nami, who unwillingly joins his crew.

The trio travels to the Gecko Islands to recruit Usopp, another well-known member of the manga, after being introduced to the Straw Hat Crew in the first two episodes. However, they are unaware that a group of dreadful pirates, Black Cat Pirates, are already there on the island. Well, here’s everything you need to know about them.

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One Piece: The Black Cat Pirates Are a Group of Enemy Crew Led by Captain Kuro!

The Black Cat Pirates from One Piece are a well-known enemy crew from the Syrup Village Arc of the manga. Kuro serves as the captain. The other members include Buchi and Sham.

The captain of Black Cat Pirates is Kuro. blurred-reality.comThe captain of Black Cat Pirates is Kuro.
Image Source: Netflix

The Black Cat Pirates have many more members that weren’t included in the live-action series, as fans who have read the Syrup Village Arc or watched the animated adaptation will attest. Jango isn’t in the One Piece series, which is the most crucial thing.

Jango, who served as the Black Cat Pirates’ first mate, was a crucial component of Kuro’s scheme to mesmerize Kaya and induce her to surrender her riches and estate to her butler, Klahadore (Kuro). Kuro’s scheme was thwarted by Luffy and Usopp working together. Other than this, not much information about the Black Cat Pirates is given on Netflix. Thus, it’s hard to assume if they have the same roles as in the manga or the anime version.

The Black Cat Pirates Are a Little Different in the Netflix Version of One Piece!

The East Blue, a body of water in the Blue Sea that served as the backdrop for the first six arcs of the One Piece manga and anime adaptation, is where the Black Cat Pirates are from, as per the manga.

The Black Cat team is all cat-themed, with Kuro using cat claws as weapons, Jango carrying a sphinx-inspired bag, and the other members sporting cat ears and gloves.

Kuro served as the Black Cat Pirates’ first captain, commanding the Bezan Black ship and donning a cheery roger with a standard skull transformed into the shape of a cat’s head. Kuro planned several successful plunders, making him a target for the Marines and bounty hunters.

Kuro made the decision to kill a crew member who resembled himself in order to pretend to be dead because he was unable to continue running from the bounty on his head. Kuro then temporarily disappeared from view, leaving Jango, the Black Cat Pirates’ new captain, and the Nyaban Brothers, Sham and Buchi, in charge.

When Kuro is found washed up on the strand of a nearby village and taken in by Kaya’s father, his solo journey takes the same course as Netflix’s live-action version. After being restored to health by the family, Kuro assumes the role of butler for them under the name Klahadore.

Kuro later introduces himself as Klahadore. blurred-reality.comKuro later introduces himself as Klahadore.
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Under his disguise, Kuro gains a lot of respect in the community, but it’s said that not long after, Kaya’s parents pass away. The plan to assassinate Kaya and grab the wealth she left for him in her will is revealed to Kuro when he reunites with Jango.

Kuro leaves with the Black Cat Pirates after the Straw Hat Crew gets involved, and they carry on their activities in the background throughout the Loguetown Arc. Later, Jango departs from the group to seek out his own adventures. At one point, he even enlists in the Marines as Captain Hina.