Morgan Davies’ Gender: Is the Koby Actor a Girl? One Piece Live Action Update!

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Morgan Davies' Gender: Is the Koby Actor a Girl? One Piece Live Action Update!

Morgan Davies, the Koby actor from One Piece live-action, is transgender. Yes, he used to be a girl. While he came out to her mother and other close ones when he was just 13 years old, he came out to the public in 2020 after playing the role of Oberon, a transgender teenager, in The End.

One Piece on Netflix has received a ton of praise from both reviewers and viewers since its release. The live-action adaptation of the well-known Japanese manga series bearing the same name boasts enthralling performances by a number of gifted actors who masterfully bring the fascinating characters to life.

Koby, a cabin boy on the ship of the Alvida Pirates working for the evil Captain Alvida, is one of these characters. His life takes a dramatic turn after the tortured child meets Monkey D. Luffy.

Morgan Davies, who plays the role of Koby, has received a lot of attention ever since the show arrived on the streaming platform. Viewers have been wondering if the Koby actor is a girl. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Morgan’s gender.

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Morgan Davies Is Transgender: She Is Not a Girl!

Morgan Davies is transgender and uses (he/him) pronouns. Yes, the Koby actor used to be a girl until he was 13 years old. He initially came out to his mother and some close confidants but was afraid to come out in public at the time.

Morgan Davies is not a girl: she identifies herself as transgender. blurred-reality.comMorgan Davies is not a girl: she identifies herself as transgender.
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As a result, he continued to play female characters. In an interview with Vogue Australia, he explained,

At 13 I came out as trans, just to mum and Catherine (his trusted agent and friend Catherine Poulton) and a few close friends. I was going through a lot, thinking: ‘Who the f–k am I and where am I going?’

Morgan Davies made the decision to keep his gender identification a secret when he was young since he found it difficult to express it freely. Talking to Out in Perth, he told,

When I first came out I quit acting for a bit, because not only were there no roles for trans people at the time, but I was so uncomfortable with myself about how I looked, how I presented, and how I looked on screen, and how people perceived me.

In 2020, his agent offered him the role of a boy having gender dysphoria as he thought Morgan would relate to the character and help him come out to the public. Even though he was angry in the beginning, he initially realized the importance of the offer and accepted it.

I knew that if I took the role, not only would I have to come out to myself, but also all my friends. I was still in high school, I knew playing a trans character I’d have to come out to everyone, it was so scary and daunting to me…I came out that day, to everyone, and while I was terrified, it ended up being not as scary as I thought it was.

Shortly after playing the role of Oberon, who has gender dysphoria, in The End, Morgan Davies made an announcement to the public that he was not a girl but a transgender.

Who Is Morgan Davies Dating?

Morgan Davies (@morganlogoff) is known for keeping his privacy and remaining silent about his personal life. As of the writing of this article, he has kept his present romantic life a mystery. Given his distinguished acting career and reputation, it is reasonable to assume that he is heavily involved in his next film projects.

After two consecutively successful undertakings, he undoubtedly looks forward to cherishing precious moments with his loved ones. A brief peek at his Instagram profile reveals his passion for adventure and taste for humorous moments, as well as his love of exploring new places and having fun.

Morgan Davies does not appear to have a partner right now. blurred-reality.comMorgan Davies does not appear to have a partner right now.
Image Source: Instagram

Without a doubt, Morgan Davies has captured the affection of his loyal fan base. They not only adore him but also actively participate in his content, leaving glowing comments and checking for new posts frequently. Due to his charisma and charm, he has grown to be a big heartthrob, and many women have crushes on him.

Given his immense potential, there is a tangible sense of anticipation for his future endeavors. Our deepest wishes for this rising star’s continuing success and growth in both his personal and professional lives are sent to him, and we look forward to following his next steps in life.