You: What Mental Illness/Disorder Does Love Quinn Have? Does She Have BPD? Or Is She a Sociopath? Character Analysis!

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You: What Mental Illness/Disorder Does Love Quinn Have? Does She Have BPD? Or Is She a Sociopath? Character Analysis!

Love Quinn from Netflix’s You had a mental illness/disorder just like the main character, Joe Goldberg. However, she didn’t have BPD and wasn’t a sociopath. She actually had severe PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). She was just 13 years old when she killed a housekeeper for drugging and sexually abusing her brother. As she was able to cover the murder, she was determined to murder people to get loved and protect her loved ones. Well, here’s Love’s complete character analysis. 

With a two-part release for season 4, You on Netflix has continued to captivate us all with its convoluted narrative lines, unexpected character returns, and much more. Season 4 Part 2 arrived on our screens with the shocking revelation that, despite the fact that we’d been following along believing the Eat the Rich killer was at the center of the string of killings in London, it was always Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley).

After learning the truth about the Eat the Rich Killer, Joe scrambles to find a way to make amends and let Marienne walk free. Joe is compelled to confront his history and appears to recognize that he is the true antagonist of his story. Kate‘s father loses his good-guy persona, while Adam and Pheobe‘s catastrophic marriage devolves into tragedy. And above all, we get to see a glimpse of Love Quinn. Relax!! She is not back. Joe sees him only in his dream.

Since the hype of the series is so high, many people, who previously never watched any seasons of the show, have started watching the show. Similarly, we’ve found that many people are interested to know what illness Love Quinn has. Well, here’s a complete character analysis of her.

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Love Quinn’s Mental Illness/Disorder: The Character Had Severe PTSD as She Killed the House Keeper When She Was Just 13 Years Old and Was Successful to Cover the Murder!

Like Joe Goldberg, Love Quinn too appears to have some mental illness/disorder. She previously killed her first husband and even tried to kill Joe in Season 3 of Netflix’s You. Many viewers assume she might be suffering from BPD (Borderline personality disorder) or she is a sociopath. That does not seem to be the case here. It is revealed that she had severe PTSD.

For those who are unaware, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health illness caused by watching or experiencing a terrifying incident. Flashbacks, nightmares, excruciating anxiety, and uncontrolled thoughts about the incident are just a few possible symptoms. The majority of people who experience traumatic circumstances can initially struggle to adjust and cope, but with time and adequate self-care, they often get better.

Forty and Love Quinn, who are twins, were raised together. Her parents were estranged and largely absent when her siblings were growing up. Love and Forty relied heavily on one another and supported one another throughout. When Love and Forty’s parents started Anavrin when they were about 12 years old, they were frequently gone and hired an au pair to care after them.

Sofia, the family au pair, abused Forty and had an improper connection with him. Love murdered her when he caught her giving Forty drugs and abusing him sexually. She gave Forty the impression that he lost consciousness and murdered her, and the Quinns made it seem like a suicide to keep Forty safe.

Love was unable to move on when she saw how simple it was for her parents to cover it. Love only knew violence to put a stop to oncoming dangers to her loved ones as she continued to be willing to murder for them.

And in Season 3, Love Quinn attempted to kill Joe after learning that Joe was madly in love with Marienne. Joe figured out her intention and executed it first, killing Love. Afterward, he staged his own death as a murder-suicide while blaming his wife for it. He faked a message from Love and used it to blame her for all the other killings the two were involved in in the California neighborhood of Madre Linda.

In order to leave a trace of his DNA in the house, Joe cut his own toe and baked it into a pie. He then set fire to their house to eliminate all traces of the evidence. Joe, after all, doesn’t do things lightly. This was the forerunner to Joe running away, first to Paris and then to London, where he sought to establish a new life as Jonathan Moore under a new name.

Before leaving, find out if Joe kills Tom Lockwood.

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