What Did Joe Say to Phoebe at Sundry House in You? Reddit Users Discuss the Possible Conversation Between Them!

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What Did Joe Say to Phoebe at Sundry House in You? Reddit Users Discuss the Possible Conversation Between Them!

Even by the end of You Season 4 part 2. it has not been revealed what Joe exactly said to Phoebe at Sundry House while he was drunk. However, Reddit users believe Joe must have said something that made her feel acknowledged and didn’t include her wealth and social status.

The fourth season of Netflix‘s You presents a challenge for Joe Goldberg as he is faced with being held responsible for crimes he did not commit. A mystery stalker who appears to know everything about him has Joe in their crosshairs, but Joe has no idea who they are. Joe connects the night he got wasted with Malcolm‘s friends to all of his issues.

He got so drunk that he blacked out and can’t recall much of what he did or said. Talking to Phoebe was one of the things Joe did during his blackout. She says Joe mentioned something significant to her, but he doesn’t know what it was. This is brought up periodically throughout the season, and each time, Joe is brought back to the night when his life began to get out of hand.

Now that part 2 of the show has arrived on the streaming platform, many people, especially Reddit users, want to know what exactly Joe said to Phoebe. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

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The Writers of ‘You’ Have Yet to Reveal What Exactly Joe Said to Phoebe at the Sundry House!

Unfortunately, what Joe says to Phoebe in Sundry House has yet to be revealed. Yes, the writers do not close the conversation between Joe and Phoebe even by the end of You Season 4 part 2. However, the Phoebe actress, Tilly Keeper (@tillykeeper), has some of her own theories regarding the topic. She said,

“Does it make you happy?” I suppose it’s quite a good credo to go by. I guess not everything good makes you happy all the time. Some things that are worth pursuing can make you feel very stressed or anxious, obviously, because they’re worth getting and they don’t make you feel happy while you’re in pursuit of them. 

Now let’s have a discussion about how it all started. According to The Cinemaholic, Malcolm offers Joe an invitation into their inner circle as a show of goodwill after he helps Kate in fending off thugs. Joe does drugs and binges on booze while hating the entire gang and not wanting to be around them for another second. He receives absinthe directly from Phoebe, after which he loses all memory.

He anticipates that the gang will have forgotten about him the next day, and he is correct. Whilst others don’t care about him, Phoebe has vivid memories of him. He seemed to have had a significant impact on her.

Phoebe adds that at one time he said something that actually made her feel acknowledged. She had never heard anything so honest. She is so touched by it that anytime she needs guidance, she turns to Joe. Over time, she begins to place so much faith in Joe that she begins to take his advice more seriously than that of her lifelong friends. Joe isn’t the only one who wonders what he said.

At first glance, this appeared to have the potential to be a crucial plot element within the setting of the story. Joe had struggled to make sense of Malcolm’s murder and his inability to recall the events of that evening. It’s possible that what he said to Phoebe helped him go through his recollections and revealed the truth.

Nevertheless, at the conclusion of the season, everything has been resolved, and it is clear that Joe and Phoebe’s talk was nothing more than a red herring. It didn’t play a major role in resolving the season’s mystery, so even though it’s still open-ended, it has no bearing on how things turn out.

The character traits of Joe and Phoebe are among the few things we must keep in mind as we work to solve this mystery. Joe thought Phoebe was simply another superficial, wealthy Instagram influencer who was more show than substance before he got to know her. Phoebe had experienced a lengthy period of feeling trapped. She built a character that wasn’t truly her since she was constantly being interviewed by the media. She was dating a man who was only interested in her because of her wealth and position. Her companions were a bunch of liars who occasionally displayed extreme cruelty.

Joe was also going through a change at the same time. His personality had divided into two halves, it was subsequently discovered. He presented himself as the upright Joe who resolved never to become fixated on anybody again. He was unaware that when he went to sleep, he had another side that killed people. Joe may not have actually passed out that night in Sundry House due to the drugs and booze. He was drunk, which gave his other personality room to reign.

The discussion that Phoebe keeps alluding to is the one she had with Joe’s alter-ego. He can’t recall what he said to her because of this. Given that he was the same Joe who had no problem taking blood, he most likely said something direct to Phoebe. In the private setting of the fourth wall, he presumably stated something that he would also say to the public. He gave her his honest view by doing so, letting her inside his mental process.

This bluntness might have been the honesty Phoebe craved from everyone but rarely found. She must have believed that Joe didn’t care about her wealth or social standing and that he only wanted to befriend her in order to get what he wanted from her. She thought his statements were meaningful because of this. She believed that Joe was the only one who could be sincere and honest with her while not giving a damn about what she would think. She admires him so much because of this.

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