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Cast of Netflix’s The Circle Season 5: Meet Them on Instagram!

Dec 29, 2022 @ 7:36 EST
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Cast of Netflix’s The Circle Season 5: Meet Them on Instagram!

The Circle Season 5 has just arrived on Netflix and the cast members have been a subject of concern already. Well, here's everything you need to know about them with their Instagram handles.

With a completely new group of people playing in the game, The Circle is back on Netflix for season 5. The competitors on the reality tv show, which is hosted by actress and comedian Michelle Buteau, all share an apartment building and communicate via internet messaging systems rather than in-person.

The cast rates each other during ranking ceremonies throughout the game, with the most well-liked being labeled "influencers" and the least popular at risk of being "blocked" and eliminated from the game. Contestants may build online profiles as themselves or as catfish and play as someone else, and this season has an added twist in that each contender is playing as a single person, which means plenty of flirting.

Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ Season 5: Know About All the Cast Members and Find Them on Instagram!

The Circle's first set of brand-new episodes premiered on December 28. The season will continue on January 4 and January 11, with the season finale airing on January 18. You've come to the right place if you wish to learn about the cast members in detail.

Billie-Jean Blackett

According to Westside Talent, Billie-Jean Blackett (@billiejeanblackett) works as a model in London and does a radio show on Flex FM. According to her Instagram, she appears to attend a lot of brand events when she isn't modeling or speaking on the radio. Her over 16,000 followers definitely help her receive those invites. And she's taking up the role of Bruno in the game.

Brett Robinson

According to E! News, Brett Robinson (@brettwrobinson) is a self-proclaimed hot boy who actually works as a content creator. In his introduction video, he claims, "It's not just hot boy summer, it's hot boy all year round. And honestly, it's exhausting, but I do it for you, not for me." Additionally, his Instagram is filled with photos of him partying, hanging out with friends and family, and promoting products.

Brian Clark

According to Brian Clark's Instagram (@worldwidebri), he enjoys eating, sports, travel, and photography. Although his profile indicates that he is a digital developer and lives in Portland, Oregon, the majority of his pictures show him acting the part of a "tourist" while traveling around the globe. In his introduction video, Brian stated that he would be appearing on The Circle as someone other than himself: "I'll be using my skills to root out all the catfish, except for one person, me."

Chaz Lawery

According to E! News, Philadelphia-based "That Shampoo Papi" Chaz Lawery (@thatshampoopapi) operates a mobile car cleaning company. In his introduction video, he raps, "I'm the biggest competition The Circle's got. You better get ready for the games I play, hashtag #PackYourBags, I'm here to stay.."

Marvin Achi

In his introduction video, Marvin Achi (@marvinachi) claims, "I got the looks, I got the physique, and I got the intelligence. I'm comin' in hot!" And he is not mistaken. According to his 'gram, Marvin is a chemical engineer who appears to be completely concerned with exercising. Check out his Instagram to see evidence of his challenging training videos.

Oliver Twixt

According to Oliver Twixt's IG bio (@heisolivertwixt), he is an artist with previous experience appearing on television. (According to E! News, see The Ts Madison Experience and Chasing: Atlanta) He is also a "Queer Rap Personality, Multi-Media Creative Producer, and Entrepreneur," according to his website. He appears to work mostly as a content creator and lends a hand behind the scenes on a number of different TV series. In his introduction video, Oliver says, "I really want to win...a lot," Oliver says in his intro video. "So I will be entering The Circle as myself, because, why the hell not?"

Raven Sutton

According to her Instagram account, Raven Sutton (@bluejay19xx) is a social worker, deaf performer, and disability champion with more than 50k followers. Together with her interpreter and best friend, Paris McTizic, she will join The Circle. She posts videos of herself sharing personal stories about her experience as a deaf woman by utilizing sign language and speaking at the same time, using her platform to assist advocate for individuals with disabilities.

Sam Carmona

According to her introduction video and Instagram, Sam Carmona (@bkshedevil), 34, is a freelance makeup artist who lives in Brooklyn. She has more than 55,000 Instagram followers, and a short glance through her postings suggests that she likes to spend time with her family and take in the sights of New York City.

Tasia Lesley

According to the introduction video, Tasia Lesley (@t_stonier), the self-described "CEO of Comfy," will enter The Circle as a catfish. According to E! News, the 29-year-old content creator is from Las Vegas, but it's clear from Tasia's Instagram that she likes to travel and post videos of her everyday activities. Additionally, Tasia will be the third and last catfish, in case you forgot.

Tom Houghton

Tom Houghton (@honourabletom), a British stand-up comedian, enters The Circle with a lot of self-assurance. In his introduction video, he claims, "I have a career of going into rooms and making people like me instantly. I am positive that is what I'm going to do here." Additionally, he previously lived in the Tower of London, according to the caption of his Instagram picture announcing his appearance on the show.

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