Is Tex Mex Motors Fake or Real? Netflix Update!

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Is Tex Mex Motors Fake or Real? Netflix Update!

After watching the show, we believe Tex Mex Motors on Netflix is not fake since all the cast members are really experts when it comes to auto restoration.

There are situations when a reality TV show, particularly one that focuses on restoration or makeovers, doesn’t even try to appear genuine or realistic. A new Netflix series features the creation of a fictional company with the aim of making money in the United States by acquiring and refurbishing Mexican historic cars.

Tex Mex Motors follows six car restoration specialists as they work together to make their latest company profitable. In the show, teams scout and import vehicles from Mexico at a lower cost, transforming them into prized possessions for car enthusiasts.

While many viewers have been enjoying the show, some people are concerned about the reality of the show. They believe some parts of the show seemed scripted. As a result, they have been wanting to know if the show is real or fake. Well, here’s your answer.

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Tex Mex Motors Is Real: The Netflix Does Not Appear to Be Fake Since All the Cast Members Are Really Auto Experts!

After watching the series, we are to the conclusion that Tex Mex Motors is not fake. Since many of the cast have their own auto-related businesses, it is simple to verify that they are all real professionals. The show and its cast members also all seem to be fully authentic.

Tex Mex Motors does not appear to be fake. blurred-reality.comTex Mex Motors does not appear to be fake.
Image Source: Distractify

When it comes to restoration shows, the end product is typically the main focus. However, throughout the entire production, it is clear that both the experts involved are knowledgeable and that the work is being displayed while it is being done. The restoration of the cars would be more difficult to imitate, and enthusiasts would be able to spot a ringer if one was used.

Although skeptical viewers may feel that there is a possibility that Tex Mex Motors is staged, scripted, or put up as many other reality shows before it, Tex Mex Motors feels real.

There are a few isolated times where you can see how the team’s stress levels are beginning to show, and the show becomes much more realistic as a result when factors like time and scheduling are taken into consideration.

We feel confident in claiming that the show is real since there is never any forced, deliberate, or excessive drama—as there might be if the show was fake—and there is no question that this crew is skilled with these vehicles.

Will There Be Season 2 of Tex Mex Motors?

According to The Cinemaholic, no official announcement has been made regarding the possibility of Tex Mex Motors Season 2. Netflix may be waiting to see how well the series is received by the general audience, considering the novel concept of the show and its propensity to take a wait-and-see attitude toward new shows. Even though watching an automobile get restored can be incredibly satisfying, not everyone may be interested in the detailed explanation of the process that the show offers.

Netflix has yet to make an announcement about Tex Mex Motors Season 2. blurred-reality.comNetflix has yet to make an announcement about Tex Mex Motors Season 2.
Image Source: Netflix

Additionally, difficulties with the six cast members’ performance may limit the likelihood of a second season. People like Jaime Hjelm are open about their hesitation to move through with the project given the enormous amount of hours they must put in to turn a profit in the first edition of the show. The electrical specialist even suggests at one point that she could have to cancel if the required number of hours is not reached.

Up until August 2022, the first season of the show was in development over a four-month period. If the six-person squad does join forces for the second season, their timing for the year is obviously a little wrong. Furthermore, it doesn’t appear like each of them has carried on working together following their appearance on the show. Around the time of the initial iteration’s release, Jamie said on Instagram that she missed working with the other guys and that she enjoyed their company.

Tex Mex Motors is now streaming on Netflix.