Is Jaime Hjelm Married? Text Mex Motors Update?

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Is Jaime Hjelm Married? Text Mex Motors Update?

Jaime Hjelm from Netflix’s Text Mex Motors does not appear to be married since she has not shared anything about her possible partner on her social media. However, there’s a chance she might be keeping it private to her herself.

Tex Mex Motors, a reality series on Netflix, centers on a team of six individuals led by Mike Coy. The group has come up with a business plan that involves collecting vintage cars from Mexico and transporting them to their workshop in El Paso, Texas, where they are restored and sold to potential buyers in order to make as much money as possible.

Jaime Hjelm, one of the show’s most knowledgeable and notable cast members, puts in a lot of effort to make sure the car’s internal mechanisms give drivers the finest potential functions. She is very passionate about her love of cars and has been working on them since she was a teenager.

On the other hand, many viewers have been interested to know about her personal life. They wonder if she is married or has a boyfriend. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Jaime Hjelm Has Never Hinted Anything About If She Is Married, Has a Boyfriend, or Is Single!

Jaime Hjelm (@jaime_hjelm) is very active on her Instagram. She shares every part of life on social life. However, she does not post anything about her relationship status. Thus, we are unaware if the Tex Mex Motors cast is married or has a boyfriend.

Jaime Hjelm does not appear to be married. blurred-reality.comJaime Hjelm does not appear to be married.
Image Source: Instagram

It would not be wise if we claim Jaime has never been in a relationship since she is a grown woman. Similarly, she has never made any statements regarding her possible partner. There’s a high chance she was previously married or had a boyfriend but is single now.

On the other hand, there’s a possibility Jaime Hjelm might be keeping her relationship status or possible partner out of the public eye. Not everyone likes to share their personal information. We have to understand that everything she posts on her social media is either about herself or the cars.

Thus, there is no accurate information about her relationship status yet. However, we can confirm she is working day and night in the car business. Moreover, we will surely get back to you as soon as we get any further updates.

A Quick Look at Why Jaime Hjelm’s Company Is Different Than Others!

Jaime Hjelm and her sister, Naomi, had taken over running A#1 Cab Co. before her father passed away. Frank Sr, a mechanic, was not associated with the company, nevertheless. After receiving a special use permit from the neighborhood community to use the shop area of their business for the initiative, the three siblings came together to launch Wicked Wrench Co. on June 18, 2018, carrying out their late father’s final wish.

Jaime Hjelm and her siblings opened Wicked Wrench Co. in 2018 after the death of their father. blurred-reality.comJaime Hjelm and her siblings opened Wicked Wrench Co. in 2018 after the death of their father.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

Nevertheless, given that A#1 Cab Co. continues to provide services to 70 different towns, its operations appear to have not changed. It should be noted that Wicked Wrench Co. intends to do more than just provide maintenance services at reasonable prices. Jaime has expressed her knowledge of how consumers are frequently overcharged for maintenance or repair work on their cars, and she and her business are unwilling to engage in this activity.

In addition, the business offers classes to inform people about standard auto maintenance, such as changing the oil, and to educate them on the starting prices of services that are frequently used. Aside from Tex Mex Motors, Jaime has made numerous television appearances over the years. This includes her appearance on ABC‘s Women Who Rock in 2018 and her involvement in the Bitchin Boot Camp competition series in 2020.

Tex Mex Motors is now streaming on Netflix.