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Will Gray | Wiki, Bio, Siesta Key, MTV, Dating, Relationship, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Instagram

Will Gray

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Garrett Miller‘s close friend Will Gray is a photographer by profession. During the month of January, he also went to ...

Mike Vazquez | Wiki, Bio, Siesta Key, MTV, Job, Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Mike Vazquez

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Fresh faces arrive with a new season, and nobody knows this better than MTV‘s Siesta Key. Mike Vazquez will be ...

Max Strong | Wiki, Bio, Siesta Key, MTV, Kelsey Owens, Net Worth, Animals

Max Strong

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Kelsey Owens from Siesta Key has a boyfriend named Max Strong. Fans have yet to see him talk on camera, ...

Makenna Quesenberry | Wiki, Bio, Siesta Key, MTV, Instagram, Dating, Net Worth

Makenna Quesenberry

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Makenna Quesenberry is Garrett Miller‘s brand new girlfriend on MTV reality series Siesta Key. In the fall of 2020, around ...

Serena Kerrigan | Wiki, Bio, Siesta Key, MTV, Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Serena Kerrigan

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Serena Kerrigan is a business owner, CEO, influencer, and all-around badass. Serena founded SFK LFG LLC in 2020, with the ...