Is Sarah Ann From Love Is Blind Interested in Women?

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Is Sarah Ann From Love Is Blind Interested in Women? – No, Sarah Ann from Love Is Blind season 6 is not interested in women. She is and has forever been straight. The rumor circulating about her sexuality is untrue.

Love Is Blind season 6 has to be one of the most entertaining seasons of the show. It has been on a roll since premiering on Feb. 14. The drama between the couples has been entertaining us throughout the month and the love triangle between Laura, Sarah Ann, and Jeremey is no exception.

Jeramey proposed to Laura, leaving Sarah single. However, she and Jeramey continued to hang out until 5 a.m. in episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD!! Those who have already watched episodes 10 and 11 might be aware that Laura and Jeramey called off their engagement but does this mean Jeramey and Sarah are now together? We might get our answer in the reunion episode.

Amid all the drama and criticism, we have also discovered that many people have been curious to know about her sexuality as there is a rumor circulating that she might be into women. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Love Is Blind: Sarah Ann Is Solely Interested in Men

Of course, Sarah Ann is not gay. Had she been into women, we don’t think Sarah would be cast in Love Is Blind season 6. As for now, the show has been made eligible for straight people only.

While we are very confident with our claim, we still wonder what made some people doubt her sexuality. She clearly had a feeling for Jeremey rather than any women or even men in the show. She even met and maybe “hooked up” with him after she left the show. Additionally, her Instagram activities do not give any evidence of her possible interest in women.

These hints are more than enough to conclude that Sarah is straight even though we do not have any clue why people are rushing to the Internet to know her sexuality.

Love Is Blind's Sarah Ann is not gay. blurred-reality.comSarah Ann is not interested in dating women.
Image Source: Instagram

As a result, it would be safe to assume that the rumor is nothing but just an unnecessary discussion someone spread without any evidence. However, we do request everyone to not spread this kind of baseless rumor as it contains sentiments.

Sarah Ann’s Journey on Love Is Blind

Sarah Ann met Jeramey in The Pods of Love Is Blind but did not get engaged. Instead, Jeramey proposed to Laura, making Sarah leave the Netflix show single. However, this was not the end of their story.

Meanwhile, Jeramey and Laura were developing a strong, love relationship in the real world, despite several arguments over Hawaiian shirts and Jeramey’s aggressive behavior on vacation. However, episode 9 revealed that Sarah was still not out of their lives. During a meeting with Laura’s family, it was found that Sarah had sent Jeramey a direct message on Instagram.

Laura and Jeramey were having problems in paradise, as revealed at the end of episode 9. An awkward conversation ensued, with Jeramey originally wearing sunglasses indoors before removing them at Laura’s request. Laura confessed that Jeramey was “out ’til five-something in the f*cking morning,” and she demanded to know where he’d been. Jeramey stated that another pod member had texted him that Sarah was out, so he went to meet them at a bar.

As per Jeramey, he wanted to talk to Sarah as she was upset with their breakup in the pods. Jeramey defended himself by telling Laura that he had revealed his whereabouts to her for extra reassurance. Laura, on the other hand, expressed concern about having to track her spouse, especially in the middle of the night. The two have a pretty heated argument.

Is Blind fans believe Jeramey cheated on Laura with Sarah Ann. blurred-reality.comFans believe Jeramey cheated on Laura with Sarah Ann. 
Image Source: Netflix

Laura later meets the girls at the cast party and tells them about her connection with Jeramey. She updates them on Jeramey’s encounter with Sarah. Although she claims she doesn’t respect Sarah, she also holds Jeramey responsible for his acts and places the blame on him.

Meanwhile, Sarah Ann returns to the pods for the first time since their breakup. And of course, another drama arises. At the end, Laura and Jeramey split. However, it’s unclear, if Sarah and Jeramey began dating after Laura and Jeramey parted ways.

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