Sandy Robertson is Married to Boise Boys Host Clint Robertson – How Many Kids Do They Share?

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Sandy Robertson is Married to Boise Boys Host Clint Robertson - How Many Kids Do They Share?

Clint Robertson, known for Boise Boys & Outgrown on HGTV, is married to his wife Sandy Robertson. The couple shares three children, all of whom are sons.

While many HGTV shows feature couples, families, and friends, a special chemistry on-screen is required for a show to be successful.

For Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson, the stars of Boise Boys and closest mates in real life, their bond is clear — even if their aesthetic tastes don’t always match.

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On a personal front, both the hosts of Boise Boys are married. In today’s section, let’s have a look at Clint Robertson’s marital relationship with his wonderful wife Sandy.

Clint Robertson Shares Three Kids with His Wife Sandy Robertson

Just as Luke Caldwell, reality star Clint Robertson has been married for a pretty long time with his beautiful wife Sandy Robertson.

The couple shares three grown children, all sons named DanielJake, and Eli. They first stumbled across each other in college and have been together ever since.

Clint Robertson and His Wife Sandy are Both from Texas

Born and raised in Texas just like his wife Sandy Robertson, Clint graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in business administration. He then went on study law at Southern Methodist University.

Prior to his rise to HGTV stardom, Robertson featured on the NBC show The Apprentice during Season 10. The 50-year-old came in second behind Brandy Kuentzel in the finals and was axed by Donald Trump.

Clint’s major passion has always been real estate, despite the fact that he has devoted much of his professional life to business enterprises. This man is qualified to be both a builder and a broker.

Clint Robertson is currently making rounds with a brand new show on HGTV called Outgrown. The reality series premiered on 18th September 2021.

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