Rob Stern Glass Blower: Meet the Glass Blowing Artist From Blown Away Who Is a Partner in Weil’s Securities Litigation Department!

Bikram Karki

Rob Stern Glass Blower: Meet the Glass Blowing Artist From Blown Away Who Is a Partner in Weil’s Securities Litigation Department!

One of the most creative glassblowing artists on Netflix’s Blown Away, Rob Stern, is grabbing the attention of viewers as a glass blower. His enthusiasm and sense of adventure were significant assets to his work in the glass industry. Rob Stern is also a partner in Weil’s Securities Litigation department. Go through the article to learn more about Rob Stern from Blown Away Season 3.

As the holidays approach, Netflix‘s popular glassblowing reality competition series Blown Away is turning up the heat. You may not need a compelling competition program about competitive glassblowing, but Season 3 of this incredible Netflix reality series is set to blow you away.

Ten fresh contenders from the hottest glassblowing talent compete for the title of Best in Glass, a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass, and $60,000 in prizes in the most recent season of Blown Away.

Rob Stern, 53, the most seasoned competitor on Blown Away Season 3, has worked with glass for more than three decades and has collaborated with some of the most skilled and well-known glass artists from around the world.

Fans are curious to learn more about glass artist Rob Stern, given his renown and accomplishments. Go through the article to learn more about him!

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Rob Stern, Glass Blower: Everything You Need To Know About Blown Away Season 3 Cast’s Glass Blowing Art & More!

The third season of the show Blown Away has everything you could desire, including breathtaking scenery, a moving edit, a 30-minute running duration, and plenty of footage of scissors slicing through the molten glass. A new group of glassblowers will be introduced to you in the Netflix reality competition series, as is customary, and you’ll love getting to know them throughout the season.

Rob Stern (@robsternartglass), one of the cast, was born in Miami, although his mother taught art in Atlanta, where he was raised. His father worked in the film industry and had a passion for photography. Rob has excelled in the glass industry during his 28-year career. He completed his training at the John Lewis Glass factory in Oakland, California, from 1990 to 1995. He also holds advanced degrees from the University of Miami and San Francisco State University.

Because of the occupations of his parents, Rob Stern grew up in a highly creative environment. He actively participated in singing, acting, and dance ensembles that presented performances all over the world while a student at Northside High School of Performing Arts.

Over the previous years, the Blown Away Season 3 candidate has frequently traveled to respected glass universities and has advanced from a glass student to a master of the craft. Additionally, he has provided workshops and demonstrations at renowned glass schools like the Pilchuck Glass School, The Glass Furnace, and the Penland School of Crafts.

Stern views his artistic endeavors as learning opportunities that broaden his understanding of the human condition. The connection between what he senses and what he does affects his thought process and daily choices.

He spent a semester in Europe visiting glass manufacturers even before he applied to the Pilchuck Glass School in 1990. Rob has spent a lot of time abroad studying, working, and living with some of the world’s most talented glass artisans and masters. He received his master’s training in the Czech Republic, where he is still creating massive site-specific artworks at the glass plant Ajeto of Master Petr Novotny.

In the Wynwood arts district of Miami, Rob has run his studio since 2004. There, he and his team produce and carry out every aspect of the project, from design to production to installation. He is frequently called upon to work as a master craftsman to carry out the ideas of some of the most renowned artists in the world.

Rob Stern continues to produce unique works, such as sculpture, furniture, and bespoke lighting while completing several public and private architectural assignments across the globe. Europe, Asia, and the Americas have all seen installations, exhibitions, and collections of his work.

Along with participating in traditional sports, Stern also enjoyed surfing, skating, and rock climbing. His enthusiasm and sense of adventure were significant assets to his work in the glass industry.

Stern is a partner in Weil’s Securities Litigation department, a first-chair trial attorney, and a highly regarded securities and enforcement attorney on the national level. Clients highly value Rob Stern’s ability to develop and implement innovative litigation strategies and commercial solutions that are suited for a variety of first-of-a-kind, unusual, or urgent situations.

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