Deborah Czeresko’s Partner/Wife: Season 1 Blown Away Winner’s Wife Name, Age Difference, Instagram & More!

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Deborah Czeresko's Partner/Wife: Season 1 Blown Away Winner's Wife Name, Age Difference, Instagram & More!

Deborah Czeresko, the winner of season 1’s Blown Away, has grabbed viewers’ attention, and they are interested in her personal life, including her wife/partner and their age difference. Although Deborah is openly lesbian, she hasn’t yet disclosed any specifics about her wife/partner. She isn’t married yet. However, she could be dating in private. Go through the article to learn more about Deborah from Blown Away and meet her on Instagram!

The third season of Blown Away, which features ten incredibly driven glassblowers, pays tribute to the amazing technical and artistic skills required to flourish in the intensely competitive industry. The popular reality TV show, hosted by Nick Uhas (of Smosh Lab and Big Brother), takes viewers behind the scenes to show how the most incredible glass artworks are created.

Artists from all over the world compete in Netflix‘s Blown Away series to win the title of Best in Blow, which is a title in the glass-blowing profession, in a lighthearted yet intense competition. In addition to that title, the winner also gets the money.

Season 3 of Blown Away premiered on Netflix on July 22 with new performers, judges, and challenges. Viewers can’t get over the season 1 champion, Deborah Czeresko, and are interested in her personal life, including her wife and partner. Here is what we know so far.

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Deborah Czeresko, From Blown Away Partner/Wife: Season 1 Winner Hasn’t Yet Disclosed Any Specifics About Her Relationship!

Following productions featuring body painting, tattoos, shepherds, and mini-golf, the world’s first glass-blowing production, titled show, Blown Away, debuted. For a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass, a sizeable reward, and a lifetime of bragging rights, a group of craftsmen from all over the world are invited to take part in this spectacular series’ glass-blowing competition. Deborah Czeresko (@dczeey) won all of this and more in Season 1, which aired back in 2019.

Deborah was outspoken throughout her time on the show about her desire to serve as an inspiration and a role model for women who work in traditionally male-dominated fields like glass-blowing. And in some way or another, every single piece of glass art she produced reflected it.

Deborah’s installation for the finale, which gave her the winning spot, incorporated many of her feminist ideals and her experiences as a woman and a lesbian. It was a feminist take on breakfast, with a fecund fried egg and a chandelier made of sausage links.

Her Instagram feed states that she identifies as feminine and wants to be addressed as she/they. But because of her critique of a culture that is dominated by men, many of her fans believe she is a lesbian. Despite her comments on the subject, New York-based glass artist Deborah Czeresko is seen as transgender by online users. She received backlash for her contentious comments about the binary of masculinity and gender in the series finale.

Although Deborah is openly lesbian, she hasn’t yet disclosed any specifics about her wife/partner. She isn’t married yet. However, she could be dating someone in private. Speaking about her previous relationship details, she hadn’t been associated with any well-known relationships.

She has more than 31 years of experience dealing with glasses; as a result, she dominated Blown Away’s inaugural season with her incredible abilities and knowledge. Deborah, an artist, fabricator, and lighting designer living in New York City, is approaching the age of sixty but only recently began concentrating on her glass art career.

Since then, she has trained with reputable figures in the field such as William Gudenrath, Elio Quarissa, Dino Rosin, Pino Signoretto, and Lino Tagliapietra. Deborah, however, made a living for 15 years before starting her own business by crafting glass pieces and designing bespoke lighting for other artists.

For artists like Robert Gober, Kiki Smith, Lorna Simpson, Mariko Mori, and artist Eric Fischl, Deborah continues to manufacture, albeit on a far greater scale. Additionally, she serves as a resident professor at the Corning Museum of Glass and UrbanGlass in Brooklyn.

She recently had the chance to serve as a visiting educator at Tyler School of Arts in Philadelphia, College of Creative Studies in Detroit, and LUCA School of Arts in Belgium, according to the resume on her website. Her current work focuses on integrating gender into the glass-making process.

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