Rasheed Philips From American BBQ (Barbeque) Showdown: Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Birthday & Net Worth!

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Rasheed Philips From American BBQ (Barbeque) Showdown: Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Birthday & Net Worth! blurred-reality.com

Rasheed Philips, the runner-up of American BBQ (Barbeque) Showdown Season 1, has yet to reveal his age & birthday. Similarly, he has yet to clarify if he has a wife, is married, or if he is single. His net worth is unknown. 

On May 26, 2023, Barbecue Showdown‘s eagerly awaited second season finally arrived on Netflix after what seemed like an eternity. Eight excellent amateur barbecuers from all around the country were called together for this season’s competition, which challenged them to master an open-fire playground’s flames and create tempting, cutting-edge barbecue dishes in the hope of winning the coveted $50,000 prize.

The show’s dynamic host, actress & comedian Michelle Buteau, leads viewers through the ferocious fight. She is joined by expert barbecue judges Melissa Cookston and Kevin Bludso, whose palates will eventually decide which pitmaster will succeed her as the titleholder.

On the other hand, a lot of viewers are interested to know about Rasheed Philips, the runner-up of season 1 of the show. Well, here’s his complete Wikipedia.

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Rasheed Philips’s Wikipedia, Age, Birthday: American BBQ (Barbeque) Showdown Update!

While Rasheed Philips (@rasheedphilips) from American BBQ (Barbeque) Showdown currently lives in the United States, he was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to America when he was just 8 years old. However, no information about his date of birth has been revealed yet. Thus, we’re unaware of his actual age and birthday. From how he looks, there’s a high chance he could be in his mid-30s.

Rasheed Philips from American BBQ Showdown has yet to reveal his age & birthday. blurred-reality.comRasheed Philips from American BBQ Showdown has yet to reveal his age & birthday.
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Talking about his time in the show, Rasheed had no prior expertise with competition barbecuing, but his cool demeanor on the show allowed him to excel. He worked as an IT technician by profession, but it was obvious he belonged behind the smoker. When he made 4 different types of proteins (instead of the 2 that the other candidates were required to make), we witnessed him struggle for his position in the competition in the very first episode.

Everyone believed that he had taken on far too much. They believed that making the Jerk Chicken, Mojo Chicken, St. Louis Ribs, and pork belly, as well as certain sides, would be challenging for him. Rasheed was aware of his limitations, nevertheless, and in the end, he created delicious flavors that accurately captured his ancestry.

His connection to his native country was still maintained through food. He added that his great-grandparents had spent most of their life in Colombia and had worked at the Panama Canal. This also clarified the Latin influences in his cuisine, which helped him prevail in the first episode’s challenge.

Rasheed faced a greater challenge in the following episode, though, when he had to prepare a tri-tip for 50 people. He had never eaten this type of meat before, but he persisted, and in the end, the judges liked it. Rasheed was given the supplies to cook ribs with a bitter flavor profile for the upcoming program. He also prepared wet pig ribs with a smoked mango and Scotch Bonnet sauce in addition to dry beef ribs. He once more won over the judges.

Rasheed and Tina actually won the team competition for their recreation of pre-colonial BBQ in episode 6. Rasheed, who placed in the top 3, spent six and a half hours creating a barbeque spread that embodied the tastes of Argentina. He eventually made it to the finals and competed against Tina in the final cook-off.

Even though Tina’s spread, dubbed “Philip’s Final Feast,” was exquisitely prepared and called “Philip’s Final Feast,” Tina ultimately won because her brisket was superior. In recognition of Rasheed’s abilities and moral integrity, Kevin Bludso dubbed him the Gentleman Smoker.

Does Rasheed Have a Wife? Is He Even Married? Or Is He Single?

From what we can see on his Instagram, it appears Rasheed has yet to get married and have a wife. Yes, the BBQ pro is currently single and looking for his soulmate. However, there’s a slight chance he might be keeping his wife and children secret from the public.

Rasheed does not appear to have a wife right now. blurred-reality.comRasheed does not appear to have a wife right now.
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What is Rasheed’s Net Worth?

We do not have any information about Rasheed‘s income and property. Thus, his net worth has yet to be revealed. Since he has been doing pretty well in the barbeque and restaurant business, we can assume it can be around $5001 million.

BBQ Showdown is currently streaming on Netflix.