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Peter Nygard's Wife Carol Knight: How Long Were They Married?

Dec 11, 2021 @ 9:05 EST
Peter Nygard's Wife Carol Knight: How Long Were They Married?

Peter Nygard was married to his wife Carol Knight for three years in the 1970s. The fashion magnate from Dateline NBC: The Secrets of Nygard Cay does not intend to get into a marital relationship again following his divorce from his first wife.

Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard was once one of the most well-known figures in the entire industry (worth $900 million), but allegations of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and extortion have driven him to plummet from his glory days.

His reported wrongdoing, as documented on NBC's Dateline: The Secrets of Nygard Cay, has been the subject of numerous tabloids in recent years, and therefore his private life has been investigated as well.

That comprises his several "girlfriends" and his kids from numerous women, so let's uncover if Peter has ever had a wife and what sort of affairs he's had.

Peter Nygard's Wife: Relationship with First Spouse Carol Knight Explored!

During the '70s, Peter Nygard was in a marital relationship with a model, but the marriage did not survive long. According to reports, she was the one who left him after a married life that lasted three years since he spent most of his time working rather than spending time with her.

Having said that, despite the fact that the businessman has never revealed anything about who exactly she was, much less the disclosure of her identity, he has admitted that she was the lady of his dreams and made him tremendously happy.

FYI, Peter Nygard's first wife is, in fact, Carol Knight!

In a chat with the Finnish magazine Me Naiset, which was published on his now-defunct webpage, he frankly recounted the entire issue.

In the early 2000s, Peter said:

[My wife] left because I worked too hard; I was already then somewhat of a workaholic. I didn’t use to sleep much in those days… There is a price that you pay [to run a business] — & my price was the marriage.

The fashion tycoon added,

I have not been able to fulfill the expectations of any one woman — a woman wants someone who is ‘always there,’ present in the day-to-day life (something he claimed he is incapable of). I live somewhat of a jet-set lifestyle… I am never in one place long enough to really get to know someone, let alone fall in love.

When pressed if he would ever marry again following his divorce from Carol Knight by Hello! Canada at a similar chat, released on his now-inoperative website, Peter Nygard hinted that it was no longer what he desired.

I don’t think marriage is a necessary part of my life. I’ve certainly lost confidence in what it really means. At one time, marriage meant you had found your mate for life. It doesn’t mean that anymore.

He stated his reasoning as follows:

People aren’t necessarily happier when they get married. I think you can be a very good partner to someone if you… earn that partnership everyday, rather than be legally bound to do it.

Well, we can't argue there!

Fashion Magnate Peter Nygard's Relationship with Anna Nicole Smith

We should also highlight that the entrepreneur from Dateline NBC was romantically involved with Anna Nicole Smith for a long time between the late '90s and the early '00s, which led many to assume that they might become a forever relationship.

The pair eventually split up once and for all in 2001, six years prior to her tragic death following an accidental overdose.

After her death, Peter Nygard appeared on The Montel Williams Show, where he said that he had tried everything he could to get Anna off narcotics, but to no effect.

Before you leave, grab details of Beverly Peele.

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