Is Pedro Pascal Gay? Or Does ‘The Last of Us’ Cast Have a Girlfriend/Wife? Dating History Examined!

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Is Pedro Pascal Gay? Or Does ‘The Last of Us’ Cast Have a Girlfriend/Wife? Dating History Examined!

Looking at his dating history, we don’t believe Pedro Pascal is gay. Even though ‘The Last of Us’ cast does not have a wife or a girlfriend in 2023, there’s no indication that he might be gay. Additionally, he has previously been linked to numerous female celebrities.

The HBO Max post-apocalyptic action-drama series The Last of Us, which is based on the 2013 video game of the same name created by Naughty Dog, is set in a world where a sizable chunk of mankind has been afflicted with a specific fungus illness and civilization has been destroyed. Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal), a military veteran who lost his only daughter at the beginning of the outbreak, meets Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a young teen who holds the secret to discovering the infection’s cure, in 2023.

Joel sets out to take Ellie out of the quarantine area and deliver her to the scientists working for the Fireflies, an anti-establishment group against the dictatorial government of the Federal Disaster Response Agency or FEDRA, with the assistance of his smuggling partner Tess (Anna Torv).

With the release of Episode 1 of the series on the streaming platform, many fans have been curious to know if the Joel actor, Pedro Pascal, is gay. Well, here is everything you need to know about his sexuality.

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No, Pedro Pascal Isn’t Gay: Even Though ‘The Last of Us’ Cast Does Not Have a Wife/Girlfriend in 2023, He Has Previously Been Linked to Numerous Female Celebrities!

Pedro Pascal (@pascalispunk) does not have a girlfriend or a wife in 2023, but he isn’t gay either. Looking at his dating history, we can confirm that The Last of Us cast is straight. People have been wanting to know about his sexual orientation because of his upcoming movie, Strange Way of Life, a gay western which is all set to be premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

On the other hand, Pedro is already approaching his 50s and he has never been married. Additionally, it has been a long period of time since he was last spotted on a date with a woman.

Pedro Pascal, like most of us, prefers a little bit of privacy when it comes to romantic relationships. Pascal’s name has been connected to several female celebrities over the past few years. Lena Headey, his Game of Thrones co-star, was the subject of one of Pascal’s most well-publicized relationships. Several images of the pair enjoying time together have appeared on the internet in the past.

None of them, however, has ever publicly denied or acknowledged the rumors that they were dating one another. Pascal dated Maria Dizzia, an actress, in 1990. Later, rumors surfaced that he was dating Robin Tunney, his co-star from The Mentalist. Additionally, there were rumors that Pedro was dating Sarah Paulson, his best friend as they were frequently spotted together.

As of now, he does not seem to be dating anybody but there’s not a single indication that he might be gay. However, Pascal has been a strong advocate for the equality and rights of the LGBTQ community. For a very long time, Pedro has fought for the rights of the LGBTQ community. On his many social media accounts, he has also posted articles regarding the problem. He also expressed support for his sister’s Instagram post in which she identified as transgender.

On the other hand, there’s a slight chance that he might be gay these days. However, we can’t just assume without the actor himself admitting it or giving solid evidence. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get any information from our sources.

Everything You Need to Know About Strange Way of Life, Starring Pedro Pascal & Ethan Hawke!

The gay western, Strange Way of Life, starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, will make its world debut at Cannes. The announcement was made by Pedro Almodóvar, the film’s director, during a visit to Dua Lipa‘s At Your Service podcast.

The movie, according to EFE, follows a rancher called Silva as he rides his horse over the desert to the village of Bitter Creek. His goal is to reach Sheriff Jake, who he previously collaborated with as a hired gunman 25 years ago. The conversation takes an unexpected turn when Silva admits that his travel is motivated by more than simply their old friendship memories.

The film was filmed in Almeria, Spain. Almodóvar discussed the western genre and how he utilized it to examine masculinity and queerness during his discussion of the movie with Dua Lipa. He explained,

It’s about masculinity in a deep sense, because the Western is a male genre. What I can tell you about the film is that it has a lot of the elements of the Western — it has the gunslinger, it has the ranch, it has the sheriff — but what it has that most Westerns don’t have is the kind of dialogue that I don’t think a Western film has ever captured between two men. And now I think I’m telling you a little bit too much.

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