Page Kennedy Weight Loss: Is the Duck Actor Sick?

Natalia Romanova

Page Kennedy Weight Loss: Is the Duck Actor Sick?

Page Kennedy’s weight loss is so evident that many people wonder if he is sick. Well, he isn’t. The Duck actor received gastric sleeve surgery after he was tired of being fat.

Season 4 of The Upshaws has finally arrived on Netflix. The show, created by Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes, portrays the life of an unusual family. Bennie and Regina Upshaw, a married couple with three children of their own and one who is Bennie‘s son from another woman, are represented by Mike Epps and Kim Fields.

The Sykes family must contend with a number of personal and professional issues while attempting to maintain their family unit in the Netflix series, which also stars Sykes as Regina’s sister. Each cast member in the series has a unique background in the film and television industry.

Talking about the actors, many viewers have observed that the Duck actor, Page Kennedy, has undergone a significant weight loss. As a result, some people wonder if he is sick. Well, let’s find it out.

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Page Kennedy Decided to Get Weight Loss Surgery After He Didn’t Lose Any Weight, Despite Going to the Gym Everyday!

If you’ve known Page Kennedy (@pagekennedy) for at least 4 years, you might have noticed that his appearance has changed a lot. He looks way too different than he used to, a few years ago. And the only reason behind his transformation is his weight loss.

Page Kennedy before and after weight loss. blurred-reality.comPage Kennedy before and after weight loss.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

The 46-year-old actor has undergone significant weight loss and people have been making assumptions about his transformation. We’ve even found that some people believe he might be sick. Well, we confirm that he isn’t.

On his official YouTube channel, he previously shared a video hinting he has been working hard in the gym in order to get rid of the extra weight. In the video description, he wrote,

What’s up y’all! I just wanted to share a little compilation of my journey to a healthier life. It’s been a roller coaster ride to inner greatness. I hope my struggles and achievements to lose weight could inspire those that are working towards a better version of themselves. We in this together. Anything is really possible if you put your mind and soul to the test!

However, Page Kennedy didn’t reveal the real secret behind his weight loss, like in an interview with GoodTalk. In the interview, he reveals that he underwent weight loss surgery, gastric sleeve surgery to be specific, after he was tired of going to the gym every day and not losing weight.

Page Kennedy Isn’t Sick!

As mentioned earlier, Page Kennedy was never sick. He didn’t lose weight because of sickness. According to him, he regularly went to the gym each day. In fact, he exercised daily for a full year, regardless of his schedule (work, travel, or illness). He even recorded it. But despite the commitment, he didn’t lose any weight.

Page Kennedy isn't sick. blurred-reality.comPage Kennedy isn’t sick.
Image Source: Instagram

In the end, he decided to get weight loss surgery following his old agent’s suggestion. He was initially quite apprehensive about having surgery. The thought of having surgery was terrifying to someone who did not consume alcohol (he claimed to have never ever tried it), smoke, use drugs, or even get tattoos. But despite being oppressed by his weight, he persisted since he desperately needed to lose weight.

Finally, Page Kennedy underwent gastric sleeve surgery as a means of overcoming his addiction to eating. And it turned out extremely good for him because that was the first time he saw he was losing weight rather than increasing it. Regardless, he didn’t stop going to the gym.

As of now, the Duck actor looks absolutely leaner and healthier. In fact, he appears to be more confident and positive as well. No doubt, his journey proves that working hard will certainly give you what you want, sooner or later.