Savannah Cast in The Upshaws: Age of the Actress, Daria Johns!

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Savannah Cast in The Upshaws: Age of the Actress, Daria Johns!

Daria Johns is cast as Savannah, Aaliyah’s best friend, in Netflix’s The Upshaws. The 15-year-old actress is also known for her role in the Disney series, Saturdays.

The Upshaws on Netflix tells the story of a working-class family and all of their good and bad times. It features Mike Epps and Kim Fields as Bennie and Regina Upshaw, a married couple who experience many ups and downs while raising their three children.

Their relationship is put to the test each season when they must face their differences and work through them since they still care about one another. Season 4 of the show has finally arrived and is already No. 1 on the streaming platform.

With the release of the new season, we’ve found that a lot of viewers have been curious to know about the actress who is cast as Savannah. Well, we have got you covered.

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Daria Johns Is Cast as Savannah in Netflix’s The Upshaws: Age & Career of the Actress!

The cast who plays the role of Savannah in The Upshaws is Daria Johns, who is also recognized for playing the role of Simone Samson in the Disney series, Saturdays. In the Netflix series, Savannah is Aaliyah‘s best friend.

Daria Johns plays the role of Savannah in The Upshaws. blurred-reality.comDaria Johns plays the role of Savannah in The Upshaws.
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Born on December 31, 2007, in Chicago, Illinois, Daria is currently 15 years old. According to IMDb, she lives in Los Angeles with her family. She started acting at the young age of six, and she has since performed in a lot of local and national advertisements. Her first movie was Kayla’s Light (2016). In 2018, she appeared in the independent film Animator, and the following year, she played the lead in the movie, Nappily Ever After.

Since then, Daria has continued to act in commercials, films, and television roles. Apart from her role in The Upshaas, her other notable performances include Rel, Mixed-ish, and Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Additionally, the Savannah actress can be found on Instagram at (@dariadjohns) where she has over 40k followers. She shares her day-day-day life on the platform and does not appear to have a boyfriend.

Apart from the above information, not much is known about Daria Johns, including her parents. However, we promise we’ll get back to you as soon as we get any further updates about her.

Will There Be Season 5 of The Upshaws?

Netflix has yet not renewed Season 5 of The Upshaws. Before deciding whether to continue a series, the streamer often waits a month to assess the reaction of the audience.

We anticipate a similar outcome this time around given the show’s history of swift renewals. We might have to wait a bit until the new season is released despite an early renewal.

The Upshaws has not been renewed for Season 5 yet. blurred-reality.comThe Upshaws has not been renewed for Season 5 yet.
Image Source: Netflix

According to a May 2023 NPR broadcast, the writers’ strike caused The Upshaws to take a break. Wanda Sykes, who both stars in and executive produces the program, has supported her fellow writers during previous strikes and is a member of the WGA union. She has spoken out on the significance of paying the writers their fair share while also being on the front lines this time. She told,

Right now … there’s no way [a staff writer] can survive unless they have another job, something to supplement their income. I’m praying and hoping [for an agreement], but … we can’t back down. This is the line in the sand.

A lot of movies and TV programs were unable to be completed once the performers joined the writers on strike in July. It is unclear when development on the new season will resume and the show will go into production until this issue is resolved.