Naked and Afraid of Love Filming Location – Where is the Discovery Plus Show Filmed?

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Naked and Afraid of Love Filming Location - Where is the Discovery Plus Show Filmed?

All the facts behind the filming location of Naked and Afraid of Love. Learn where this Discovery show was filmed. Who are the Naked and Afraid of Love couples?

We’re quite familiar with Naked and Afraid and Dating Naked. But imagine a scenario where these two shows get combined! Naked and Afraid of Love, a new Discovery Plus series, is essentially about this.

Fans of the franchise’s spin-off show are intrigued about where the program was filmed because it portrays singles who must withstand the brutal environments of the harsh outdoors while attempting to discover love in order to build a relationship of their own.

Naked and Afraid of Love Filming Location on Discovery Plus

Every year, Naked and Afraid competitors from all around the world have fought for their lives. Instead of being filmed in dense forests, the new series takes place on an island, as opposed to the original show which was filmed in dense woodlands.

As for the location of the latest show, Naked and Afraid of Love was filmed in the abandoned Philippines island earlier in 2021.

The press release for this fascinating program starring the likes of Lauren Bonner, Bennett Murphy, and David Girton states:

While endless miles of white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water may seem like the perfect setting to fall in love, don’t let this Garden of Eden fool you. With no food, water or clothes readily available, these singles will be both physically and emotionally vulnerable and forced to depend on each other.

Discovery has yet to disclose more information about the filming location and duration of the complete season. Please check back here for an update when they become available.

Naked and Afraid of Love Couples – How Does It Work?

In the original reality series, a pair of strangers had a tough time surviving for 21 days in the thick of the wilderness.

Ten episodes of the spin-off show, Naked and Afraid of Love, will focus on couples’ journey for love. During the competition, 16 strangers will confront the ultimate obstacles of survival while also trying to find a loving companion.

The press release states,

First kisses, fights, and love triangles are on the horizon as the men and women move through the challenge and are introduced to others on the island.

Naked and Afraid of Love is accessible for streaming on Discovery Plus starting August 22nd. A lot of people have already taken notice of the show’s trailer, which depicts the singles trying their luck at love with total strangers while enduring it all.

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In the filming location of wildlife and nature, this season’s cast includes everything from an Army veteran with a take control mentality to a Honolulu-based Ph.D. student!

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