‘Naked and Afraid of Love’ Cast on Discovery+ – The Complete Details!

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'Naked and Afraid of Love' Cast on Discovery+ - The Complete Details!

Check out the complete cast details of the Naked and Afraid of Love reality show on Discovery+. Everything you need to know about the 16 singles – 8 men and 8 women!

The latest Discovery+ reality series Naked and Afraid of Love follows in the footsteps of Naked and Afraid.

During the course of the new dating series, 16 singles are stranded on a deserted island in quest of love while also fighting to survive the wilderness and one another.

Filmed on the deserted island of the Philippines, the debut episode airs on 22nd August. Eight men and eight women will appear in the cast. Below, you may learn more about each member.

Naked and Afraid of Love Cast

Barak “The Fire Man” Raz

33-year-old firefighter Barak Raz hails from Brooklyn, New York. He is interested in new experiences as he is often eager to get out of his comfort zone. He claims being emotionally open is the key to a successful relationship.

Ben “The Hunter” Coleman

Ben Coleman, a 32-year-old South Carolina house flipper, views himself as a typical tough alpha male. As a self-employed individual, Ben relishes the time he has to embark on excursions, which primarily entail hunting trips.

Bennett “The Coach” Murphy

28-year-old Bennett Murphy from Naked and Afraid of Love is a part-time kids soccer instructor and bartender who lives in New York City. Residing in the state of South Carolina, he’s seeking an adventurous lady who doesn’t care what other people say.

Nelson “The Wild Card” Monroig

A video game creator, Nelson Monroig, 28, hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Whenever it’s time to get down to business, he’s always the one in charge. He relishes his freedom in a single life, but he’s eager to find love and meet a new romantic date.

David “The Surfer” Girton

David Girton, a surf trainer from San Diego, CA, is 33 years old. The Naked and Afraid of Love star sees himself as a laid-back guy with Peter Pan syndrome who adores his mother. David is prepared to ride out this event like a wave and see what unfolds.

Jay “The Playmaker” Simms

Jay Simms is a 25-year-old Maryland deliveryman. Many consider him to be in an f-boy stage, but he’s on a self-development quest and ready to discover the one who can tame him. That is, assuming he can be controlled.

Stefen “The Smooth Operator” D’Angelica

Stefen D’Angelica, 30, is a model and part-time waitress from Brooklyn, New York. When Stefen’s five-year romance ended in tragedy, the Naked and Afraid of Love star regained his self-confidence and was ready to go back out into the world in search of love.

Michael “The Veteran” Dietrich

A 30-year-old strength and conditioning instructor from Alberta, Canada, Michael Dietrich specializes in helping athletes improve their performance. Michael, who appeared on Naked and Afraid, believes that dating is difficult since no one can keep up with his wandering lifestyle.

Lauren “The Open Book” Bonner

Lauren Bonner works as an event coordinator in Los Angeles, California. As a natural leader, the Naked and Afraid of Love star puts her heart on her sleeve and has a strong sense of self-worth. Her ideal match is a person who can be trusted and who is sincere in what they claim to be.

Arielle “The Princess” Simonee

Arielle Simonee is a 29-year-old Los Angeles-based high school teacher. She wants someone who will pay attention to her and her demands. This is one brave girl who isn’t afraid to express her feelings.

Candice “The Pageant Queen” Liang

Candice Liang, an ex-Miss Hawaii and present Ph.D. student from Honolulu is 28 years old. She is constantly taking care of someone else and is looking for somebody who will take care of her and make her feel appreciated.

Cassalei “The Grown-Up” Jackson

Cassalei Jackson is a computer engineering student from Long Beach, California, who is 26 years old. The Naked and Afraid of Love star desires a true relationship with somebody who is honest, upfront, and not searching for something casual.

Crystal “The Free Spirit” Bui

When it comes to dating, Crystal Bui isn’t one to settle down. The 29-year-old life coach from Minneapolis, Minnesota, wants someone who is spiritual and ambitious. She is really friendly and outgoing, and she is eager to meet somebody who wants to travel the world with her.

Rachel “The Freediver” Strohl

Rachel Strohl is a 29-year-old Oahu, Hawaii-based social media marketer. Rachel is a skilled freediver who can descend 40 meters in one breath. Because of her desire to find love, she is willing to expose herself and be open.

Britt “The It Girl” Whitmore

Britt Whitmore, a 32-year-old woman from Seattle, Washington, is ready to reveal her true self. Despite her shyness, the Naked and Afraid of Love star has a quite outgoing attitude and is not afraid to tell it how it is. She enjoys being outside and is searching for someone to accompany her on all her travels.

Chelsea “The Shy One” Bellini

Chelsea Bellini is a 27-year-old Houston-based photographer. Chelsea is seeking her Hercules, someone who will handle her with respect after a string of dominating relationships. Because of this, she is not willing to be someone’s pawn.

Naked and Afraid of Love premieres on Discovery+ on 22nd August 2021.

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