Marg Helgenberger’s Face Is Full of Cosmetic Treatments

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Marg Helgenberger’s Face Is Full of Cosmetic Treatments – Many believe Marg Helgenberger has gone under the knife excessively as her recent appearance hints that she might have received Botox, lip fillers, a brow lift, a facelift, and a nose job. However, the 65-year-old actress has not acknowledged the allegation yet.

Marg Helgenberger is an American actress best known for playing Catherine Willows on the original ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ series, which ran from 2000 to 2015. Her portrayal of Catherine, a brilliant forensic scientist and investigator, earned her critical acclaim and made her a household figure.

In 2021, she reprised her role as Catherine Willows in the sequel series ‘CSI: Vegas,’ which is a continuation of the original show. In the series, she plays an important part as a former crime scene investigator who returns to help solve fresh crimes with a new team of investigators. Unsurprisingly, she again returned to the show in the recently released Season 3 of the show.

While the character brought back what he expected from her, Helgenberger’s appearance also generated a discussion among viewers as many of them believe she has gone under the knife. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

Marg Helgenberger’s Cosmetic Enhancements Might Have Gone Too Far!

As soon as Marg Helgenberger appeared in the recent episode of CSI: Vegas, many people couldn’t help but accuse her of undergoing excessive plastic surgery, including Botox, lip fillers, a brow lift, a facelift, and a nose job.

When comparing her before and after pictures side-by-side, many people believe her face is full of cosmetic treatments. And it’s pretty visible. While it might be the Catherine Willows actress’ attempt to maintain her appearance, we believe she has gone over the line. She looks excessively enhanced. Just like us, various other sources and specialists are convinced that she goes under the knife regularly.

CSI fans are convinced that Marg Helgenberger is into plastic surgery. blurred-reality.comCSI fans are convinced that Marg Helgenberger’s appearance isn’t natural.
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Meanwhile, we cannot ignore the fact that Marg is currently 65 years old. It takes more than a proper skincare routine and natural remedies to maintain your youthfulness at this age. We believe the only reason she might have had work done on her face is to prevent aging.

However, Marg herself has never addressed or revealed the secret, or let’s say cause, behind her transformation. She has neither accepted nor denied any of the allegations.

Regardless of what the truth is, we cannot forget that everyone has their own reasons to do things like cosmetic enhancements. Likewise, maybe the CSI star does not really want to look like a typical 65-year-old woman. Maybe she believes she wants to maintain her appearance so she can get roles. Well, we shall find it in the future.

Reddit Criticizes Marg Helgenberger’s Unnatural Look!

This isn’t the first time Marg Helgenberger has been suspected of receiving cosmetic treatments. Many viewers criticized her appearance while the original CSI was still airing.

9 years ago, viewers took to Reddit to criticize her appearance in CSI. One user wrote,

Anyone else have a really hard time looking at her on this show? Her Plastic surgery nightmarish lips drive me crazy! She looks alien enough already, how could Junior want to jump on that?

Another wrote,

Ugh. Those lips. I can’t even pay attention to what she’s saying because of the lips.

ddit doesn't appear to be a fan of Marg Helgenberger's plastic surgery. blurred-reality.comReddit doesn’t appear to be a fan of Marg Helgenberger’s makeover.
Image Source: CBS

Similarly, a third person wrote,

Her nose looks just as fresh from a car crash as her lips. It would be more bearable if they would spare us all those close-up shots, that is just sadistic.

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