Anna Gunn’s New Nose Doesn’t Suit Her at All

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Anna Gunn’s New Nose Doesn’t Suit Her at All – There’s a high chance Anna Gunn has reshaped her nose as it has changed significantly. However, fans are disappointed with her new nose as they claim it looks botched. 

Anna Gunn and the other major Breaking Bad cast, including Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Bob Odenkirk, Dean Norris, RJ Mitte, Betsy Brandt, and Jonathan Banks had fun at the 2024 SAG Awards as they were called on stage to give trophies for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series; Succession won it by the way.

However, Anna also sparked a discussion among fans as many of them believe that she has had a significant transformation over the years. While her whole facial structure looks different than what it used to look in the past, her nose is what has gathered the most attention from her fans. They believe she has received surgery to reshape her nose.

Anna Gunn Looks Terrible With Her New Nose

Anna Gunn’s appearance at the 2024 SAG Awards has made people convinced that she has received a nose job. The 55-year-old actress now has a completely different and pretty strange-looking nose.

One can easily say that Anna has done something to change the shape of her nose when you compare her before and after pictures. The Skyler White actress, who previously had a little flat and normal-looking nose, now has a slender nose with a pointed nose tip.

n does not look the same with that botched nose job. blurred-reality.comAnna Gunn does not look the same with her current botched nose.
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While receiving any kind of cosmetic treatment is very normal these days, especially among celebrities, people do not hesitate to criticize them when it goes completely wrong. Take Kylie Jenner for example. Most people praise her for the final result she has achieved with the help of artificial cosmetic treatments.

However, it’s not the same case with Anna. Her nose looks so terrible and botched that one cannot help but criticize her. The OG Breaking Bad fans must be disappointed in what she has done to her body in the past few years.

Personally, we do not feel she ever needed the surgery. There was really nothing wrong with her nose. But it seems the “plastic surgery” trend compelled her to attempt to fix something she didn’t have to.

In conclusion, we can say the veteran actress went terribly wrong with her attempt to reshape her nose. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that Anna has neither accepted nor denied the allegation of her going under the knife to fix her nose.

What Cosmetic Treatments Has Anna Gunn Received?

Nose surgery isn’t the only cosmetic treatment Anna Gunn has recently been accused of; many believe the Breaking Bad star has also received facelifts and a boob job.

To look younger or to change an aspect of their appearance that they find unacceptable are just two of the many reasons why people, especially celebs, choose to have plastic surgery. In Anna’s case, her appearance appears to be radically different from what we can recall from Breaking Bad.

Anna Gunn is accused of receiving multiple plastic surgery procedures. blurred-reality.comAnna Gunn is accused of receiving facelifts and a boob job.
Image Source: ABC

Additionally, her recent appearance at the 2024 SAG Awards has added fuel to the fire as she looked a lot different and strange. While we understand she is currently 55 years old and wants to maintain her appearance, we believe she failed to choose the proper surgeons to transform her.

While we are certain, the 55-year-old actress herself has never mentioned going under the knife. It would not be wise to extend the allegation discussion without proper proof or strong evidence. Nevertheless, we will surely get back as soon as we get any further updates about Anna’s possible cosmetic treatments.

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