Has Lauren Silverman Gone Under the Knife?

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Has Lauren Silverman Gone Under the Knife? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Lauren Silverman, 46, has been accused of receiving multiple cosmetic treatments like Botox, lip fillers, and a nose job to enhance her appearance. 

The man who had previously said that he would never get married multiple times has finally changed his mind. Yes, Simon Cowell recently exchanged rings with his long-time partner, Lauren Silverman, who is also the mother of his only child. Simon proposed to Lauren during a romantic getaway in Barbados (where they first met), realizing he had finally found the right person.

The couple started their public relationship in 2013. Silverman’s ex-husband and Cowell’s then-close friend, Andrew Silverman, filed for divorce in July, claiming that the British music tycoon and his wife were having an affair. Months later, Cowell and Silverman had their first son, Eric, in 2014.

While the couple is now all set to get married, we have discovered that many people have been concerned about Silverman’s appearance. Many people suspect that she might have gone under the knife to enhance her appearance. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

Lauren Silverman Might Have Gone Under the Knife to Prevent Aging

The long-time beau of Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman, has recently been accused of receiving multiple plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, lip fillers, and a nose job.

Even though Lauren has always looked fabulous, some people suspect that it should have faded with her age. In case you’re unaware, the to-be-wife of the British music legend is currently 46 years old. Most women start having lines, wrinkles, and loose skin after the age of 40.

Plastic surgery might be Lauren Silverman's secret of her age-less beauty. blurred-reality.comPeople are convinced that Lauren Silverman’s age-less beauty isn’t natural.
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However, it’s not the case with Silverman. Her face looks smoother than ever. The lack of any signs of aging highly indicates that she might have received help from the cosmetic surgeons.

Additionally, what adds flame to our speculation is that Lauren’s soon-to-be-husband is very positive about the usage of cosmetic treatments. He has openly admitted to receiving Botox multiple times to prevent aging. This might have motivated or pushed Lauren to go under the knife.

Silverman also appears to have lost the natural charm on her face. Previously, she used to glow whenever she appeared with his partner and child at any event. However, her recent appearance does not give the same charm anymore. Even though she has very smooth skin, her face looks dull as well as enhanced.

Lauren Silverman’s Possible Cosmetic Treatments Include Lip Fillers, Botox & a Nose Job

Lauren Silverman is accused of receiving not just one but multiple cosmetic procedures. Most people are convinced that she has received Botox, lip fillers, and a nose job.

Lauren Silverman has not responded to the plastic surgery allegation yet. blurred-reality.comLauren Silverman has not responded to any of the cosmetic treatment allegations yet.
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As we mentioned earlier, Lauren’s smooth face does not look natural. It’s possible she is used to the regular use of Botox, just like her partner Simon Cowell, to keep her facial skin tight. This procedure also reduces lines and wrinkles on your face.

Similarly, her lips do not look natural at all. In her older pictures, she had very slender lips. However, her lips look fuller and bigger these days. This might be the result of lip fillers.

Talking about her transformation, one cannot help but notice a slight difference in her nose as well. Even though she appears to have had the same nose since dating Simon, we believe she might have undergone a nose job before even meeting him as her nose does not look natural at all.

However, it’s important to note that Lauren has neither accepted nor denied any of the allegations. All of the above information is solely based on our speculation. Unlike her partner, she seems to prefer to keep the secret of her ageless beauty to herself.

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