Mandana Bolourchi in Buying Beverly Hills: The Former Timberwolves Star, Patrick Beverly, Is Her Boyfriend; What’s Her Net Worth?

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Mandana Bolourchi in Buying Beverly Hills: The Former Timberwolves Star, Patrick Beverly, Is Her Boyfriend; What’s Her Net Worth?

Mandana Bolourchi appeared in Episode 3 of Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills to buy a house. The 28-year-old influencer is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Patrick Beverly. The former Timberwolves star now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. Additionally, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

With reality shows focusing on the purchasing and selling of luxury real estate, Netflix is well aware of how crazy its audience is. Guess what else? Once more, they’re providing content that is 10/10. On November 4, their most recent real estate show, Buying Beverly Hills, premiered, and with it, the public is gaining more insight into the mayhem between drama and houses.

The reality show follows numerous members of The Agency. Thus, it introduces viewers to a number of notable figures in the Los Angeles County, California, real estate market and illustrates how each agent works to finalize deals on the homes they have listed. As would be imagined, the road to professional success is not always as straightforward as one might wish, and they still have to deal with personal problems.

Apart from the agents, many celebrities also are featured in the show as a buyer. In Episode 3 of the show, Mandana Bolourchi wants to buy a house. Her appearance and personality in the show have impressed a lot of viewers. As a result, many of them want to know more about personal life and net worth Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Mandana Bolourchi in Buying Beverly Hills: Patrick Beverly, the Former Timberwolves Star, Is the Boyfriend of the 28-Year-Old Diva; Her Net Worth Is Estimated to Be Around $1 Million!

In the third episode of Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills, Mandana Bolourchi (@the.mandana) tours a house alongside Melissa Platt, Mauricio, and Santiago Arana. When introducing Mandana, Melissa claims that she is her “friend,” that she is from Dubai, and that she has “royalty in her bloodline.” Mandana further adds,

Her family is huge. She has staff, she has bodyguards, and the price range of what she’s looking for? I’m very lucky, let’s put it that way.

One of the most well-known fashion influencers in the world, Mandana is 28 years old. Mandana said she was born in Iran and raised in Tehran, Dubai, and Los Angeles during a 2021 interview with Voyage LA. Bolourchi operated her own real estate company in the Middle East before moving permanently to Los Angeles from Dubai in 2020.

Bolourchi claims that she started out as a concert pianist at the age of 11, but gradually made the switch to the field of interior design. She describes herself as a “lifestyle influencer, interior designer, business owner and investor who specialises in the fashion/beauty side of the industry”.

The 28-year-old star has been highlighted in a variety of fashion publications. The New York Guardian writes: “This Persian fashion influencer has emerged as the most popular name around the fashion realm owing to her exceptional work, which has won her laurels.”

She received an invitation to Milan Fashion Week in 2021. According to reports, Mandana attended the Versace fashion show and was photographed sitting in the front row next to celebrities Anna Wintour, Anna del Russo, and Chiara Ferragni. According to the NY Guardian, Bolourchi was also spotted at the Dolce & Gabbana Casa launch event. Bolourchi has a sizable social media following and has been featured in a variety of publications focused on fashion, such as Harper’s Bazaar.

Not to forget, Mandana is in a relationship with an NBA player. Yes, Patrick Beverley is Mandana’s boyfriend. He played the 2021–2022 season playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Patrick, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, now represents the Los Angeles Lakers. He is 34 years old by age. She even talks about her relationship with Melissa in the Netflix series.

During her time on the Netflix show, she wants to know how many cars can fit in the house’s garage. Mauricio informs her, “12-15, so you’ll be good.” This is an important question for her because she is a Rolls Royce collector. She also remarked that the estate reminded her of her home in Dubai, demonstrating her accustomed taste for opulence. Similarly, some unverified sources estimate her net worth to be around $1 million.

Here Is Why Buying Beverly Hills Isn’t on Bravo!

When Mauricio Umansky’s renowned Los Angeles real estate company The Agency decided to launch its own new reality series, many believed it would air on Bravo. There were some raised eyebrows when it was revealed that Buying Beverly Hills, featuring Mauricio, Farrah, and Alexia and chronicling the high-level real estate deals of The Agency, would be premiering on Netflix instead.

It all had to do with his company becoming a global brand, as Mauricio detailed exclusively to E! News. He explained,

We currently have 60 offices. We’re in the middle of growing, we’re continuing to grow, we’re now in Europe. We actually just opened up in Amsterdam, which is where Netflix has their headquarters in Europe. Netflix is a global brand, as well. It just made all the sense to be on Netflix.

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