Love is Blind Japan Couples Update: Who is Still Together?

Shibakshya Rai

Love is Blind Japan Couples: Who is Still Together?

Fans wonder which Love is Blind Japan couples are still together after the conclusion of the Netflix show. Love Is Blind Japan helped form several couples after premiering in the month of love. The couples are Mori And Minami, Shuntaro And Ayano, Yudai And Nana, and Odacchi And Nanako. Find out if they’re still together in 2022.

Being part of the social experiment of love, Love is Blind: Japan premiered on Netflix on 8th February 2022 with the release of the first five episodes and releasing the episodes from 6th to 9th on 15th February and eventually making the last two episodes publicized on 22nd February.

Basically, this show is all about love and unlike other love shows, this show has a big twist.

More than meeting each other and spending quality time, these cast members do not even get to see each other. Just with the communication and the talking stage for 10 long days, they eventually get to see the person they most connected with.

Then, they decide if they want to turn their communication into a beautiful relationship. So, do you want to know about the couples formed in Love Is Blind Japan? Who is still together?

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Love Is Blind Japan Couples

Releasing on 8th February, Netflix’s popular love reality show, Love Is Blind Japan acted as a platform in developing many connections. Starting with a talk without getting to see each other to meet each other after days, this show is all about twists and turns.

However, confronting every twist, many cast members ended up catching feelings for each other. So, let’s get to know about the couples from Love Is Blind Japan.

Mori And Minami

The 37-year-old Mori had never imagined getting married to someone and dedicating his whole heart to it. Conversely, his cast on Love Is Blind Japan acted as eye-opening, and as it is said, love at first sight, Mori’s eyes couldn’t stop staring at Minami.

Making it both ways, Minami reciprocated the same amount of energy, and thus, this couple changed their awkward first meeting to being together creating many memories in the show.

Presently, it is daunting to predict their relationship as Mori is away from all the social media platforms, and while stalking Minami’s Instagram, there is no particular clue to substantiate if they are still together.

Shuntaro And Ayano

Shuntaro has a heart-wrenching story to his past love life, as the person whom he thought was his soulmate died, and since then it was quite daunting for him to fall for anyone else.

However, moving on from the past, his decision to cast on Love Is Blind Japan added love flavor to his life again. In the show, he met Ayano (@ayani0625), and they eventually felt connected towards each other.

While this particular couple’s love journey began through a reality show, it might be astounding to know that after the end of the show, Shuntaro bend on his knees and proposed to Ayano.

His exact words were, “Aya, being with you, I’ve been able to be my natural self for the first time. This is the first time I’ve met such an extraordinary person. So, I could say something arrogant like ‘I’ll make you happy,’ but that’s not it. I need you, Aya. Please marry me.”

Yudai And Nana

With her bubbly and adorable personality, Nana was allured to catching Yudai‘s attention. Starting with talking to each other to give a start to their new beginning, Yudai (@yudai_bsk) and Nana are one of the couples from Love Is Blind Japan.

While this couple was surrounded with controversy for their love life as they had an age gap of literally eight years, the society’s sayings had nothing to do with them, and thus, not caring about anyone’s futile comments, Yudai and Nana are happily still together.

Odacchi And Nanako

The professional comedian, Odacchi definitely enticed Nanako‘s heart with his sense of humor, and finding her heart through giving her immense laughter, this particular couple is shipped by myriads of spectators watching Love Is Blind Japan.

While Nanako had insecurity about his past divorced relationship, Odacchi comforted her teeming with an abundance of unconditional love and trust.

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