Lorraine Garcia’s Son, Anthony Garcia, From Columbia, SC: Netflix Documentary Update!

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Lorraine Garcia’s Son, Anthony Garcia, From Columbia, SC: Netflix Documentary Update!

Lorraine Garcia’s son, Anthony Garcia, from Columbia, SC was initially arrested after Lorraine’s disappearance. However, it was later revealed that Lorraine left on her own to start a new life. 

Missing: Alive or Dead?, a four-episode limited series from Netflix, has taken the idea and altered it once again to give fans a more immersive experience. A group of committed officers who care about their jobs looks into the disappearances, and the viewers are very involved in the story.

The story of a missing older lady named Lorraine Garcia and her ex-military son, who they suspect may have been involved in her disappearance, from Columbia, SC is presented in the first episode.

While we get to know that Lorraine disappeared on her own and was later traced by the police, many viewers have been interested to know more about her son. Anthony “Tony” Garcia. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Even Though Lorraine Garcia’s Son, Anthony Garcia, From Columbia, SC Was Initially Arrested for Her Disappearance, It Was Later Revealed That She Left Her Home on Her Own!

Anthony Garcia, a native of Richland County and Lorraine Garcia‘s son, was apparently formerly a very nice, jovial, and compassionate person, but everything changed when he enlisted in the military in the middle of the 2000s. That’s because, according to the Netflix documentary, he soon transformed from a carefree, gregarious teenager who had never met a stranger to a paranoid soldier whose instincts for self-preservation took precedence over everything else.

Tony Garcia got PTSD after returning from the military.Anthony Garcia got PTSD after returning from the military.
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His ex-wife Lamanda Moore stated that he spent between two and three years in Iraq. She further added, “They used him to kick in doors when they’d go in and clear buildings. While stationed… their Stryker was hit with a [bomb].”

As a result, by the time Anthony got home, he appeared to have a wild expression on his face and couldn’t spend a day without using drugs or alcohol in an effort to forget the horrors of Iraq. He reportedly got PTSD and deep-seated paranoia at that point, making him so suspicious of everyone’s motives that he began to panic over the smallest things before lashing out physically and viciously.

This, along with his refusal to discuss his trauma or seek professional assistance, appears to be the reason Lamanda ultimately packed her bags, took their children, and parted ways with him permanently. Although it appears that Anthony did once talk to his mother about his experience in the army, their relationship soon deteriorated in the worst manner possible. In the documentary series, Lorraine said,

He talked to me one time, and I held him. And I held him, and I held him, and I held him. That was the first time, and that was the last time he talked about it.”

Their relationship started to weaken rather than get stronger as his threats, violence, and demands progressed to the point that she was terrified of his presence and had to run.

Detectives extensively questioned Anthony after learning of his mother’s disappearance two months later, in November 2021, due to the fact that he never reported his mother missing, cleaned out their shared home of all personal items, and secretly destroyed quite a few of her belongings. He didn’t help his case by admitting he had also rented a storage container for her belongings, leaving punch holes in the wall, smelling like bleach, refusing to give clear answers, or selling their home on Facebook Marketplace without a power of attorney.

Anthony frequently threatened his mother, Lorraine Garcia.Anthony frequently threatened his mother, Lorraine Garcia.
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Thus, in the middle of November 2021, Anthony was taken into custody on suspicion of forgery, false pretense, and using a computer to commit a crime, all of which were financial offenses connected to the attempted property sale. A long way from her house, however, Lorraine was discovered alive and well. She said that she had left on her own in order to start a new life. She clarified,

….to start over, just so I can have peace… in my mind and my heart. I don’t want to go back… I have to start taking care of me. My son, he did things to me he has never done. I don’t deserve that… Right before I left, I was getting scared.

Lorraine claimed that despite everything, she did not want to bring any charges against her son since she still had an immense amount of love for him. In terms of Anthony’s current situation, from what we can determine, The Cinemaholic reports that he appears to have remained in Columbia, SC, where he likes to stay out of the spotlight, to this day.