Laura Muro From Too Hot to Handle Germany: Age & Instagram of the Curve Model!

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Laura Muro From Too Hot to Handle Germany: Age & Instagram of the Curve Model!

Laura Muro, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle: Germany, is a 34-year-old Curve model and UX/UI Designer from Berlin, Germany. Additionally, it’s crystal clear that she loves her body and is happy representing her plus-sized body. Follow to know more about Laura with her Instagram handle (@laurajmuro).  

Netflix has been releasing a lot of dating reality shows in recent years which has resulted in the growth of memberships each month. Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle have to be the favorites among the viewers. And guess what? The streaming giant is back again!!

Netflix just released the new version of Too Hot to Handle which is held in Germany. Too Hot to Handle: Germany has a fresh group of German-speaking individuals who are all eager to join the steamy action.

As you might be aware, the hot single cast members can look for love but are unable to have intimate moments with the person of their choice. If they do, money will be deducted from the total cash award they will get at the end of the challenge. The featured singles are all opposed to commitment and just seeking casual hookups. Nevertheless, now that that is off the table, they must establish genuine relationships.

Of course, each individual has a fan base of their own. And we’ve found that Laura Muro has been getting a lot of attention as soon as the show got released. Many people want to know about her whereabouts and where she is these days. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Laura Muro From Too Hot to Handle: The 34-Year-Old Is a Curve Model and UX/UI Designer From Berlin, Germany!

Laura Muro (@laurajmuro), who is 34 years old as of this writing, is probably the oldest cast member of Too Hot to Handle: Germany. She currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Talking about her profession, she is a Curve model as well as a UX designer.

For those who are unaware, Curve models are generally used to represent all women who are considered curvaceous or plus-sized, rather than just those ranging in size from 10 to 14. Everyone has the right to represent their body and it seems Laura is pretty successful in representing her body shape and size. She is affiliated with Modelwerk. Her Instagram is full of her shooting pictures as she also promotes brands on the social platform.

As mentioned earlier, she is also a UX/UI Designer and Social Media Manager for Messe Hostess Agentur Interpret GmbH. According to reports, she has been in the company since October 2021, and the reality TV star seems to be happy with her profession.

No doubt, Laura is proud of representing her figure. And we have to appreciate her for handling both of her professions. In the show, we can clearly see how much she loves herself. Talking with other girls, she even suggested,

If you’re confident and love yourself the way you are, men queue up for you.

Thus, we can understand the reason why she has gathered a lot of fans. Of course, it’s unusual for someone who does modeling to be involved in UX/UI designing. Unfortunately, she does not seem to have a partner right now. Additionally, she also has a backup Instagram account (@lauraxmuro). And we’ll surely get back to you as soon as we get more information about the plus-sized beauty.

Fans Are in Disbelief About All the Cash ‘Too Hot to Handle: Germany’ Cast Lost in Just 2 Days!

Viewers of ‘Too Hot to Handle: Germany‘ were shocked to learn that the contestants lost a sizable sum of prize money in just two days. The first infraction, a kiss between Anna and Stella, fined them €6,000 just after 32 minutes after the s*x ban was announced. Stella later broke further regulations by kissing Tobias and engaging in some improper touching, costing them €14,000 in total. Kevin Njie and Laura also disobeyed Lana‘s orders by sharing “intimate caresses” while kissing, which fined them €10,000.

Following in Stella’s footsteps, Kevin lost more prize money by kissing Emily Kopf. In under 16 hours, the competitors lost €36,000 overall and violated five regulations; this brought the total reward money to €164,000. However, it appeared that they had not learned their lessons from the previous day, as the singles broke even more rules on day 3.

Laura and Onyi saw Kevin and Emely kiss, but the group opted to overlook it even though it would have cost them dearly. Following Lana’s announcement of a “special violation” in the area of “kissing plus,” Anna and Fabio grudgingly admitted their guilt and were fined €10,000.

Emely and Kevin disobeyed four rules in one night, further depleting the group’s cash and costing them all a staggering €68,000 in total. By day three, this increased the total reward money to €86,000. Viewers were astounded by how much money the rule violators wasted in a few days. Of course, fans didn’t hold bak to express their feelings on social platforms.

One fan tweeted,

On to the 3rd episode and 60%of the prize is gone 😭😂😂 #toohottohandlegermany

Similarly, another wrote,

These contestants are one of the most frequent rule breakers ever 😝😝😝. #toohottohandlegermany

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