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Kevin Njie From Too Hot to Handle Germany: Find the 26-Year-Old Model on Instagram!

Mar 2, 2023 @ 9:06 EST
Kevin Njie From Too Hot to Handle Germany: Find the 26-Year-Old Model on Instagram!

Kevin Njie, one of the cast members of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle: Germany, is a model as well as a soccer player from Flensburg. As of this writing, he is 26 years old. Follow to know more about Kevin with his Instagram handle (@kevin.njie) and journey on the show.

People have been absolutely obsessed with all the reality dating series on Netflix. And it seems the streaming platform is not holding back. New singles join the villa in quest of love in the recently released Too Hot to Handle: Germany, which is sure to keep viewers hooked to their TVs. It is a spin-off of the original Too Hot to Handle franchise and stars attractive cast members looking for a fun summer getaway.

As in the original series, the show has the same rule of not getting involved in any sexual activities. If they do, a certain amount is deducted from the cash prize which the winner will get at the end of the show.

The German version of the show initially introduces us to 12 hot singletons. Kevin Njie, who was one of the highlights of the show, has been a popular name since the show got released. His fans and followers have been curious to know every detail about him. Well, we've got you covered.

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Kevin Njie From Too Hot to Handle Germany: The 26-Year-Old Is a Model as well as a Soccer Player!

Kevin Njie (@kevin.njie) from Too Hot to Handle: Germany is a Flensburg-based model as well as a soccer player. He is 26 years old as of this writing. His Instagram is full of stunning pictures either from his shooting or while playing football and has over 19k followers on the platform. Additionally, she said that he is confident in everything he does. In the show, he said,

Every time I shoot, I score.

Talking about his time on the show, Kevin was noticed by numerous cast members as soon as he entered "Paradise" because of his chiseled physique and captivating eyes. He admitted that he was solely drawn to two stunning but very different ladies, 34-year-old brunette designer model Laura Muro (@laurajmuro), and 26-year-old blonde make-up artist Emely Kopf (@emskopf).

Nevertheless, as one straight conversation with the former led to another, he got to know her a little better and, despite the sex restriction already in place, decided to do much more than just share her bed.

Emely approached Kevin without hesitation the next day, which started a complicated triangle that Kevin hadn't even recognized was interested in him as well. Because of this, Laura felt as though she had already established her territory, whereas the native of Flensburg was willing to get to know the "vibes" of both this fiery Latina from Berlin and the outspoken Ibiza inhabitant.

The story of "Kemely" began when the trio, thankfully, realized that things may rapidly get complicated, which led the young sexual male to choose according to who he believed would be his best match.

But let's be honest, Kevin and Emely's relationship was not at all the sweet romance that their other contestants or we had anticipated based on the way he had described his thought process. This is due to the fact that their first formal night together alone cost the group an incredible amount of €68,000 due to kissing, vigorous petting, reciprocal manual stimulation, and oral stimulation. They also accumulated more losses over the following days through extra kisses, physical play, and a passionate night in the private suite that involved just about everything until the last move.

In fact, given all the many ways individuals have let go in this series' versions, Kevin and Emely went so far that their acts were judged the most severe anywhere in the world. It is therefore not surprising that they each lost €104,000 from the initial €200,000 prize pool before realizing they needed to demonstrate their sincere feelings for one another. And the reality is, they did. Not only did they occasionally resist their cravings, but they also continued to forge a strong bond that was as cozy as it was emotional.

And we're happy to report that Emely and Kevin are still happily connected, as seen by their latest interviews and social media posts. As the artist was based in Ibiza and the model was in Flensburg, we were genuinely concerned that living apart might become too much for them once they returned to their regular lives. But, they have now moved in together.

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