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Emily Kopf From Too Hot to Handle Germany: Find the Freelance Make-up Artist on Instagram!

Mar 3, 2023 @ 0:40 EST
Emily Kopf From Too Hot to Handle Germany: Find the Freelance Make-up Artist on Instagram!

Emily Kopf, one of the cast members of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle: Germany, is a freelance Make-Up artist. Originally from Ibiza, Spain, she currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Follow to know more about Emily with her Instagram handle (@emskopf) as well as her journey in the show.

Too Hot to Handle has finally arrived on Netflix. Yep, the famous dating reality show has returned to our television screens. But this time, the series takes place in Germany. For those who don't know, Too Hot to Handle: Germany is a spin-off of the original Too Hot to Handle series that stars hot cast members who travel to a villa in pursuit of a fun summer holiday. But, the rules aren't made clear until they arrive at the show.

The hot singles are forbidden from having any sexual relations. If they do, the amount of money they will receive overall when the challenge is over will be reduced. The featured singles are all hesitant to commit and just seek out the odd hookup. With that out of the way, they must now create meaningful relationships.

Viewers have been in a rush to know the background and every detail of the featured cast members. Lately, we've found that many viewers, especially boys, want to know more about Emily Kopf. Well, here's everything you need to know.

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Emily Kopf From Too Hot to Handle Germany: The Freelance Make-up Artist Currently Lives in Berlin, Germany!

According to reports, Emily Kopf (@emskopf) is a successful freelance Make-Up artist who currently lives in Berlin, Germany. However, she is originally from Ibiza, Spain. You can see her traveling Spain and Germany back and forth on her Instagram. Emily almost gave an impression of a bad b*itch as soon as she entered Too Hot to Handle: Germany. She told that she's very open to casual hookups. She explained,

After s*x, I either just go home or I high-five the guy.

Talking about her time on the show, she had an on-and-off relationship with Kevin Njie (@kevin.njie). When they were both picked to go on dates with newcomers at various periods in their relationship, Emily and Kevin did experience their fair share of difficulties in the form of outside attention. They were undoubtedly the most durable pair in this fascinating experiment since neither of them failed for a single split second because all they could think of was the companion they already had.

They decided they were prepared to leave behind their previous manipulative, self-absorbed, s*x-based methods after they were able to spend an innocent night in the private suite, which helped them further establish their genuine needs.

To put it another way, Emily and Kevin overcame all odds to work on their deepest selves, consider their past, and have hopes for the future before finally being clear about their love. Indeed, they left "Too Hot to Handle: Germany" holding hands as an official couple and with an additional €86,000 in winnings; however, they had really returned €60,000 of the prize money by abstinence.

As seen by their most recent interviews and social media posts, we are pleased to report that Emily and Kevin remain a happy couple. We were honestly afraid that living apart could prove to be too much for them once they returned to their regular life as the artist was located in Ibiza and the model was in Flensburg. Nonetheless, they currently reside together. In an interview with Glamour, Emily said,

At first, we had a long-distance relationship… but now I’ve moved back to Germany and we live there together.

Similarly, Kevin added,

[Her] family lives near me. Before she went to Ibiza, she was in Germany for a while and only 20 minutes away from me. That means we had all the time after the show to see each other — so what we had and have doesn’t just disappear like that. Then it went back to everyday life, and then I always visited her in Ibiza as best I could.

Both Emily and Kevin admit that if they had first met in the real world, they probably would not have progressed past the physical stage, but that is only because they "were different people" prior to the Netflix original. Because of this, their advice to anybody hoping to find a relationship as happy, healthy, and deeply loving as theirs is to uphold open communication, honesty, trust, and hard work. Emily further explained,

The most important thing is to be honest – with yourself and with the person. To really get involved and open up. Everyone has their own protective walls. If you don’t tear them down, you can’t really get to know anyone.

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