Meet Katarina Wittich, a Family Constellation Therapy Expert from ‘Sex, Love & Goop’

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Meet Katarina Wittich, a Family Constellation Therapy Expert from 'Sex, Love & Goop'

Katarina Wittich from Sex Love and Goop on Netflix is a Family Constellation Therapy expert. Find out what services Kato Wittich provides and how to access the therapy.

Katarina Wittich is a part of the panel of experts on Sex Love and Goop, a Netflix sensuality series hosted by Marvel actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Katarina is the family constellations specialist who guided Sera and Dash in their relationship endeavors by examining their undesirable behavioral patterns. The series features a slew of relationship and sex gurus, notably Gwyneth, Jaiya, Darshana, Michaela, and Amina.

Wittich appears in only one episode, making viewers curious about the services she provides. Luckily, for you, we’ve dug into the details about her professional life.

Who is Katarina Wittich from ‘Sex, Love & Goop’ on Netflix?

Katarina Wittich, usually known as Kato, has been a household name since she was a child. She is a qualified Rosen therapist, Yuen specialist, family constellations instructor, and conscious dance facilitator, among other things.

She formerly worked in the movie industry but had to retire after becoming ill in her thirties. Her quest toward assisting people in living more fulfilled lives started when she was an impoverished child in New York with no exposure to nature or soothing meals.

Katarina shattered bones and had mishaps on a regular basis since the age of two until she got ill from “mercury toxicity.” Her world began to shift when she discovered the Rosen Method, which led her to the path of becoming the expert she is now!

What Services Does Katarina Wittich Provide as the Family Constellation Therapy Expert?

Katarina Wittich now provides a variety of services, similar to how she assisted Sera and Dash in working through destructive tendencies on Sex Love and Goop.

Rosen sessions are provided by the professional, which are a type of massage that is intended to match and meet the stress in your bodily system.

Numerous clients engage on an issue that is preventing them from living completely during a family constellations session. The group contributes to determining what the previous source could be.

Admission is completely free of charge for those who want to observe or engage as reps, however, you can get involved by contacting Katarina for prices.

How to Access Family Constellation Therapy

Katarina Wittich leads an active Family Constellations group in northeast Los Angeles that gets together every other week. However, Family Constellations are temporarily stopped until it is safer to assemble again after Covid is less active, according to her website.

They add,

There will be some online gatherings for Integration Constellations, so join the email list for notifications.

You can become a part of the mail list by completing a form, which will also add you to the standby list for an in-person appointment.

If you want to move to music, the Netflix star also hosts a Friday Night FUNk class, a weekly dance gathering organized by the community.

Katarina has indicated that her waiting list for prospective clients is lengthy, so people who are eager to use her services may not be able to book an appointment right away.

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