Jaiya Ma from ‘Sex, Love & Goop’: The Netflix Alum is a Sexological Bodyworker!

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Jaiya Ma from 'Sex, Love & Goop': The Netflix Alum is a Sexological Bodyworker!

Jaiya Ma is a cast member on Netflix’s Sex, Love & Goop. She is a sexological bodyworker who founded The Five Erotic Blueprint Types.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the Academy Award winner for Shakespeare in Love (1998), who is prepared to be stung by bees for the sake of healing, is introducing a new program to Netflix titled Sex, Love & Goop.

Paltrow said the new reality program was motivated by the lifestyle and healthcare firm’s debut Netflix series, The Goop Lab, which investigated wellness issues such as psychedelic psychotherapy, aging, and female satisfaction.

Jaiya Ma, one of the cast members of Sex, Love & Goop, is a sexological bodyworker who founded The Erotic Blueprint Types.

Jaiya Ma from ‘Sex, Love & Goop’ on Netflix Says Living a Sexual Life Matters

Addressing the most restricted belief women carry concerning sex or their orientation, Jaiya Ma said the most limiting assumption she encounters is that ladies believe they are flawed.

They carry this belief because they can’t get an orgasm, they’re not satisfied in sex, they’re unsure of their desires, and they don’t resemble a supermodel.

She insists women are not broken, they simply haven’t been educated about their bodies, turn-ons, and sexuality.

As for the root of these negative beliefs, Jaiya reckons they’re down to inadequate mentoring and instruction about love and sexuality. When she asks audiences all throughout the world if they received good sex education, just about 1% raise their hands.

All of us had some sort of had sex education, but it stemmed from parents who were ashamed, had religious beliefs, or were raised in cultures that taught them to be a ‘nice girl.’ The messages we’ve been given about sex and our bodies haven’t been pleasant.

Jaiya Ma Helps Women Through The Five Erotic Blueprint Types

It goes without saying, Jaiya Ma can’t help women to start letting go of their ignorant credence through the snap of a finger, but there are ways to eradicate those beliefs. Jaiya says they need to begin by figuring out what their sexual structure is.

A sexual blueprint highlights their arousal cognitions, a physical and biological condition that may be impeding a fantastic sex life and a happy relationship.

There are five distinct Blueprints, which are similar to arousal languages: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, and Shapeshifter.

Following this, they have to conduct a mixture of physical education and brain reconditioning to connect with each female’s Empowered Erotic Persona.

Sex, Love & Goop is currently streaming on Netflix.

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