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Who is Michaela Boehm from Sex, Love & Goop?

Oct 31, 2021 @ 16:00 EDT
Who is Michaela Boehm from Sex, Love & Goop?

Michaela Boehm features on Sex, Love & Goop on Netflix. She's a psychotherapist and intimacy specialist. Michaela is quite active on Instagram.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the woman behind Goop, returns in 2021 to provide her opinion on all issues concerning sex.

Sex, Love & Goop is a fresh Netflix series that promises to delight and enlighten viewers while also revealing information that is usually kept secret.

Michaela Boehm, Gwyneth's friend as well as relationship expert, is one of the program's fantastic practitioners. Gwyneth even admitted that they did tantra poses quite close together in the past. So, let's learn more about Michaela.

Michaela Boehm features on Sex, Love & Goop on Netflix

Michaela Boehm, 53, was born in Salzburg, Austria, and grew up across from the field where The Sound of Music was shot.

She's a psychotherapist and intimacy specialist, so who better to join the Sex, Love, and Goop team? She claims to have conducted over 30,000 one-on-one counseling services in her career on Instagram.

She resides on a ranch in Ojai, California, where she saves and shelters neglected and deserted animals.

Michaela's appearance on Sex, Love, and Goop isn't her first on television; she also participated in the 2020 documentary (Un)Well.

Felicitas and Rama appear in the Netflix show, and Michaela is hired to rekindle their sexual chemistry. Michaela has expended numerous years working with stars such as Will Smith before participating in the show.

Meet Michaela Boehm on Instagram

Michaela Boehm's Instagram handle is @micboehm77, and she has roughly 37k followers. She frequently shares clips of her lectures, including the Non-Linear Movement Method, which attempts to reduce physical stress.

Michaela explains The Non-Linear Movement Method on Instagram as a bodily release technique she practices daily as a form of inquiry and embodiment.

She frequently posts images of her gorgeous rescue animals on Instagram and tags herself on her farm near Ojai.

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