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Jeramey Lutinski From Love Is Blind Season 6 – Discover everything about Jeramey Lutinski from Love Is Blind Season 6, including his social media, and some personal information.

Love Is Blind has returned for Season 6 on Netflix, with a new group of singles hoping to end the series as couples. Since its premiere in 2020, the hit reality series has captivated audiences by following men and women on their hunt for love without ever meeting in person.

Jeramey Lutinski, one of the cast of the new season, has captivated the attention of many viewers (also with the cheating allegation). Of course, people want to know more about him. Well, here is everything about him.

Birthday & Zodiac Sign of Jeramey From Love Is Blind Season 6

Jeramey Lutinski from Love Is Blind Season 6 celebrates his birthday on November 20. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Had he been born just two days later, he would have been a Sagittarius.

Jeramey is a Scorpio (born on Nov. 20). blurred-reality.comJeramey is a Scorpio (born on Nov. 20).
Image Source: Instagram

Find Jeramey on Social Media

Jeramey from Love Is Blind season 6 regularly gives his life updates through his Instagram under the username (@lutinskij). With over 3600 followers on the platform, it seems he is interested in sharing his adventures with all of his followers.

From jet skiing to competing in different adventures, he appears to be the kind of human who prefers to get engaged with nature. Additionally, he seems to enjoy traveling.

Jeramey Works in Intralogistics

As for his job, Jeramey works in intralogistics. While we’ve no information about what his precise duty is, we do have some information about his field.

Jeramey has a job related to logistics. blurred-reality.comJeramey has a profession related to logistics.
Image Source: Netflix

Intralogistics refers to the management, control, and optimization of the flow of goods and portables within a warehouse, distribution center, or production plant. It is a comprehensive system of materials management and logistics operations that optimizes the flow of products, materials, and information across the facility. It automates and facilitates the management of products and materials.

Jeramey Has to Be One of the Shortest Guys in Love Is Blind Season 6

Talking about his height, Jeramey has to be one of the shortest guys in the current season of the Netflix show. Even though he has not revealed his exact height, we believe he is somewhere around 5’7” to 5’10”.

However, it does not seem to have affected his life in any way. He is one of the finest looking-guy in this edition of the Netflix show. Matter of fact, we have found that many viewers believe he is the “cutest,” especially when he is on his glasses.

Reddit Reacts on Jeramey’s Journey in the Netflix Show

While Jeramey appears to be one of the most good-looking and humble guys in season 6, some Reddit users believe his connection with Laura won’t last for long.

Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

She seems kinda controlling and he seems really happy-go-lucky. Not a good match imo. Her telling him to not wear his glasses made me so upset as a glasses wearer. If my partner said that to me I’d feel so insecure!

Another wrote,

It’s not going to work. He’s too much of a silly smaller easy going guy. She’s a bit more uptight and has a bit of a Karen energy in the couple dynamic and I think she’d be happier with someone a bit bigger in stature.

Similarly, a third user wrote,

They do not work. He clearly annoys the sh*t out of her, while her post pod personality is starting to turn him off. I’m feeling strong Cole and Zanab vibes, with the exception of Jeramey really digging her looks.

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