Megan Fox’s Doppelganger From Love Is Blind

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Megan Fox’s Doppelganger From Love Is Blind – Love Is Blind viewers were left with shock when Chelsea Blackwell claimed to be Megan Fox’s doppelganger in Episode 2 of Season 6.

Love Is Blind on Netflix returned for its sixth season on Wednesday, February 14, and one participant is already facing backlash for comparing herself to a previous FHM Sexiest Woman in the World.

Chelsea Blackwell, a 31-year-old flight attendant and event director from Charlotte, North Carolina, is among the participants hoping for love on the latest season of the popular Netflix dating show. However, she sparked outrage when she said that she was Megan Fox’s doppelganger. Well, let’s discuss the subject in detail.

Love Is Blind: Chelsea Blackwell Claims to Resemble Megan Fox

Love Is Blind viewers were left in awe the moment Chelsea Blackwell claimed that she is often told to be a look alike of Megan Fox. She also added that her dark and blue eyes were the primary reasons why so many people think so.

Season 6's Chelsea Blackwell claims to look like Megan Fox. blurred-reality.comSeason 6’s Chelsea Blackwell claims to look like Megan Fox.
Image Source: TV Insider

When Chelsea and her partner, Jimmy, finally get engaged and meet, Jimmy disagrees with her claim. In reality, the episode titled ‘She Lied to Me’ is a straight quote from Jimmy. He said,

She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked. Chelsea told me she looked like Megan Fox. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. I am very attracted to her. I can work with that.

Chelsea Blackwell Claims to Look Like Megan Fox in Episode 2

In Episode 2 of Love Is Blind Season 6, Chelsea Blackwell says that she is often praised for looking like Megan Fox. During a pod date with Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea asked whether he had ever told if he looked like a celebrity.

After Presnell stated that he does, Chelsea Blackwell responded, “I do too, all the time on the plane. I get one person, and it’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes. But I don’t see it, so don’t get excited.”

She then dropped more hints, stating it’s “MGK’s wife or his fiancée,” prompting a stunned Presnell to ask, “Are you saying you look like Megan Fox?” She then added,

It’s just because I have light eyes and dark hair. That’s the only reason. There’s nothing else. At least, I’m assuming so.

Reddit Reacts to Chelsea Blackwell’s Claim to Resemble Megan Fox

Many viewers, especially on Reddit, appear to disagree with Chelsea Blackwell’s claim to look like Megan Fox. Taking to a discussion, many gave their opinion on her claim. One person wrote,

I just watched that episode tonight as I was binge watching. She totally screwed him over with that. Every guy knows that after that he could only picture the hottest version of Megan Fox. But even if she even remotely looked like her he would’ve been happy. The other girl was a 9.5 and he picked the 3.5 based on her total mind fluck with that comment.

Another wrote,

She looks more like the crimson chin than Megan fox

Reddit doesn't believe Chelsea Blackwell and Megan Fox look the same. blurred-reality.comReddit doesn’t believe Chelsea Blackwell and Megan Fox look the same.
Image Source: TODAY

Similarly, a third user wrote,

She looks like if you asked AI to create a face based on Megan Fox & Adele. You get Chelsea.

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