Strictly Come Dancing Fans Inquire if Nikita Is Straight

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Strictly Come Dancing Fans Inquire if Nikita Is Straight – Yes, Nikita from Strictly Come Dancing is straight in real life as he is currently in a relationship with Australian TikTok sensation, Charlie Backshall.

Nikita Kuzmin is a 26-year-old Ukrainian-Italian dancer and choreographer who is best known for being a professional dancer on the RTL and BBC One dance competitions, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, where he was partnered with actor, Layton Williams, and finished second.

As we know he performed a heartwarming same-sex love story with Italian dancer and choreographer Vito Coppola, which struck an instant touch with viewers. Since then, many fans and followers have been curious to know about his actual sexuality and wonder if he is into guys in real life. Well, here’s everything you need to know about her gender.

Strictly Come Dancing: Nikita Kuzmin Has Been Straight Forever

Nikita is not gay in real life because the Strictly Come Dancing star has not mentioned anything about his sexuality and has a history of dating women. 

Strictly Come Dancing's Nikita is not gay in real life. blurred-reality.comStrictly Come Dancing’s Nikita is and has forever been straight.
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Meanwhile, the speculation about his sexuality started surfacing after he performed a gay love story dance with Italian dancer and choreographer Vito Coppola. But to let you know, he is currently in a relationship with Australian TikTok sensation, Charlie Backshall. Although little is known about their relationship history, the two are alleged to have been dating for years.

Talking more about Nikita’s girlfriend, the TikTok star previously hosted the sex podcast The Hotline, in which she discussed life in her twenties with Sizzle Reel males Blake, Jack, and George. In the podcast, she gives her wisdom on s*x, relationships, and all the taboo business nobody seems to want to talk about

However, since his and Charlie’s relationship became public, the Australian social media star has removed her TikTok account as well as her podcast page, which is no longer available for listening.

Before this, he was in a long-term relationship with choreographer and designer Nicole Wirt, which ended in 2022 after five years together. While they were together, they kept their affair private and hardly mentioned one other on social media.

Nikita was believed to be dating CBBC star Molly Rainford during the 2022 season of the dancing show. However, this speculation was short-lived, as she was already dating another contender, Tyler West.

As Nikita Kuzmin Joins the CBB House, We Reminisce About His Moving Same-Sex Dance Routine With Vito Coppola in Strictly Come Dancing!

Nikita Kuzmin was one of 12 celebs that entered the CBB house on March 4, along with Sharon Osbourne, Levi Roots, Gary Goldsmith, and Louis Walsh. He has been on Strictly Come Dancing since 2021, partnered with Gordon Ramsay’s daughter, Tilly. They placed sixth that year.

Nikita previously performed a heartwarming gay love story with Vito Coppola. blurred-reality.comNikita previously performed a heartwarming same-sex love story with Vito Coppola.
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Following his entry into the Celebrity Big Brother house, Kuzmin’s girlfriend, Lauren Jaine, also expressed her excitement for him to be part of this amazing experience on Instagram.

To let you know, he partnered with actor Layton Williams last year, where they finished second. When the couple played ‘Backstage Romance’ from Moulin Rouge in December, they wowed the audience with a perfect 40. However, in another emotional performance, he performed a heartwarming same-sex love story with Italian dancer and choreographer Vito Coppola.

Later, in October, the couple performed a cover of Coldplay and The Chainsmokers’ “Something Just Like This” in which they played out Nikita’s character’s desire to be together. The duo performed an emotional and intense performance, hugging each other and dancing in perfect unison, culminating with Coppola discovering – to his delight – his make-believe partner’s sketches of the couple.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the performance, which some dubbed the best professional dance of the season. One even stated that they are absolutely mesmerized each time they see the love story. Another viewer turned to X/Twitter to compliment the couple for their performance, tweeting,

Elegant, breathtaking and the story of that dance was outstanding and profound #loveislove #Strictly @kuzmin__nikita @Vito__Coppola absolutely love it As a gay man I have the biggest respect for you both – Thank you so much for doing dance xx @bbcstrictly

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