Summer House: What’s up With Jordan’s Sexuality?

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Summer House: What’s up With Jordan’s Sexuality? – Many people criticized Jordan from Summer House on Reddit and other social media, with some even questioning his sexuality, because of his personality and arrogance in the show. However, he later responded saying that he didn’t care about any of the allegations.

Jordan Verroi is a reality television star who rose to fame as a cast member of Bravo’s Summer House during Season 3 in 2019. He rapidly established himself as the show’s focal point, thanks to his exuberant personality and maybe “unbearable” behavior.

While his time on the show was brief, he made an indelible mark on the franchise and its viewers, both positively and negatively. As soon as he left the show, many people took to social media to criticize him. Some even questioned his sexuality.

Summer House: Here’s Why Reddit Believes Jordan Is Into Men

Following his exit from Summer House, many people accused Jordan Verroi of being gay on different social media platforms. This came after many people found his “womanizer” stories made up.

Taking to a Reddit discussion, one person wrote,

I mean he is clearly gay/questioning/closeted/etc right? None of his stories ever made sense. He has an odd religious affiliation. The way he talks about women and hooking up just always seems forced and begging for approval.

Similarly, another wrote,

Jordan is 100% Gay. He’s just struggling with admitting it – especially to himself. It will eventually come out that he is in fact, a homosexual. Any day now Jordan, IT’S OK!!!!!😊✌🏼

ers accused Jordan from Summer House of being gay. blurred-reality.comMany Reddit users believe Jordan is not straight.
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However, he responded to all the criticism as well as the questions about his sexuality by saying that he didn’t care about people slamming him. He neither accepted nor denied the allegation.

Similarly, some users in the above Reddit discussion defended him saying there’s zero proof about him being homosexual. One user wrote,

Let me make one thing clear: who f*cking cares if he’s gay!?!? Did he fuck any of you? Did he lead any of you on? I don’t see how questioning someone’s sexuality is okay. If he was a woman, would y’all be doing this? Say it was Hubs or Hannah? People need to stop speculating. If he is, he is. He’ll tell the world when he wants to. If he isn’t, he isn’t. And then y’all are just being plain mean.

Well, it seems there is nothing discussed about his sexuality regarding whether or not he is straight. Maybe, people labeled him as a non-straight man because of the strange sexual stories he told in the show.

Why Did Jordan Leave Summer House?

Jordan had the most talked-about and contentious exit from Summer House. While the specific cause has yet to be revealed, it appears that he left the show voluntarily. A source informed TMZ that he heard showrunners discussing letting him go and took the difficult decision.

Jordan wasn't fired from Summer House; he left the show on his own. blurred-reality.comJordan wasn’t fired from Summer House; he left the show on his own. 
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He departed three weeks early. Apparently, he was unhappy with the network since they demoted him and just brought him back as a friend in Season 4. However, he later clarified that he had his own reasons for acting aggressively in an interview with Hollywood Life saying,

The way the summer played out, unfortunately, you guys don’t get to see the reason why I was stressed out so much — finding out that my dad had cancer and that my grandmother and my grandfather were sick.

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